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Attentive Launches Concierge To Deliver personalized conversations

Conversational commerce product enables brands to build one-to-one VIP mobile shopping experiences with customers at scale
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Attentive, the conversational commerce platform, today announced the launch of Attentive Concierge™, a new product that provides people-powered and highly personalized conversations at scale. Concierge empowers brands to create a true conversational commerce experience with their customers, by taking a dialogue-driven approach using SMS at every stage of the customer journey.

As physical and digital shopping experiences blend together, consumers expect advice and assistance with decision-making, whether they are in-store or online. According to a recent consumer survey from Attentive, 75 percent of consumers said they expect a direct response from a person when they interact with a brand. Concierge meets that demand and recreates the best of in-store assistance and experiences, by putting store associates in the hands of consumers– from answering customer questions to providing recommendations that are authentic and personalized to a shopper’s specific needs. These two-way mobile conversations are resulting in subscribers spending 50 percent more with a brand using Attentive Concierge.

“Concierge is a milestone in our mission to reinvent business to consumer communication and commerce for the mobile age, as we enable brands to move beyond a ‘no-reply’ world,” said Brian Long, CEO and co-founder of Attentive. “We’re excited to introduce a product for brands to create exceptional one-to-one relationships at scale with our live agent team that will minimize friction in the shopping journey, drive revenue, and boost brand loyalty.”

Over 1,000 companies such as Igloo, Mented Cosmetics, and Made In have used Concierge.

Key benefits of Attentive Concierge are:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty: From first name greetings to customized offers, brands can turn first-time shoppers into loyal customers with personalized support at every stage.
  • Drive revenue: Leverage customer data to power conversational messages throughout the purchase funnel, leading to increased transactions and higher conversion rates.
  • Scale two-way communications: Provide real-time conversational support to minimize friction around checkout, customer service, and more.
  • Reduce your backlog: Help their CX team provide a better customer experience by reducing response time from two days to two minutes.

Brands also have the opportunity to lean into their personality by digitally recreating the voice, values, and tone that is naturally experienced in-store. This shift towards a more relevant and human experience gives consumers a reason to keep coming back.

Attentive Concierge is now available. To sign up for a demo or to learn more, visit here.

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