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Martech Leader Mailchimp Launches New AI Capabilities & ML Tools.

Marketing Automation Leader Mailchimp launches new AI capabilities & machine learning tools to help small businesses get online, market smarter & grow an audience.

Mailchimp, a leading Martech company and now a marketing automation platform for small businesses at its core has launched a set of AI-based Tools that give easy access to the same kind of capabilities to small businesses that their larger competitors presently use.

This is a challenging year for businesses and even more challenging for small businesses. Mailchimp has built solutions that redefine the marketing toolbox that exists for SMBs and entrepreneurs. With the introduction of intelligent platform features, Mailchimp clients can market better and faster, so that they can get back to juggling the demands of a business. Particularly in the face of holiday shopping and the fact that most shoppers will be making their purchases online this year, Mailchimp is bringing “smart” to the world of SMB marketing, helping SMBs establish a digital presence and accept online payments.

New features of Mailchimp will alleviate major pain points with content creation, demystify automation, and guide users through data-driven next-steps. The data collated from customers’ marketing gives other small businesses recommendations and automation that then give them back the time and knowledge they require to run their business. With machine learning, Mailchimp can help move the needle on a worldwide scale to help more small businesses to succeed.

This Launch of Mailchimp Included:

Stripe Integration:

Users can now add a Buy Button to their website to seamlessly process payment for a product or service with Stripe. With this integration, Mailchimp users can also accept payment in 41 countries, and the integration supports over 135 currencies.

Creative Assistant:

This tool automatically builds design assets from a few inputs from the user and a lot of Mailchimp intelligence distilled down from years of helping small businesses stay on brand and perform better in the market. This tool will go live on 11th October 2020.

Smart Recommendations:

Powered by machine learning models, Mailchimp’s smart recommendations help entrepreneurs take the right next step. Smart recommendations suggest products their customers are most likely to purchase and help businesses customize send times, subject lines, and more.

Next Best Action:

Offers dynamic recommendations that give customers powerful intelligence-backed ways to improve email campaign performance.

Subject Line Helper:

This tool uses data and expertise to give users real-time feedback on word count, character count, punctuation, and emoji use to improve open rates and make creating effective subject lines easier.

Personalized Product Recommendations:

Allows e-commerce users to specify what type of products they’d like to recommend in emails to provide more variety for their marketing goals.

Purchase Likelihood:

A predictive analytics tool that utilizes past purchase data to forecast which buyers are likely to be the most loyal and valuable customers in the future. Predictive analytics tools help SMBs estimate the future buying behavior of their customers, so they can market smarter with more targeted campaigns.

G-Suite Add-On:

Customers can purchase a G-Suite Add-On with their custom domain, making it easy to get started with a professional email address and Google’s business tools.

Unsplash Integration:

Users can import stock photos from Unsplash into Mailchimp’s Content Studio to create beautiful and effective designs.

Ben Chestnut,Co-Founder and CEO of Mailchimp, told TechCrunch that “The journey to get here started about four years ago. We were riding high. The email was doing amazing for us. And things look so good. And I had a choice, I felt I could sell the business and make a lot of money. I had some offers. Or I could just coast, honestly. I could just be a hero in email and keep it simple and just keep raking in the money. Or I could take on another really tough challenge, which would be act two of Mailchimp. And I honestly didn’t know what that would be. To be honest with you, that was four years ago, it could have been anything really.”

Chestnut also acknowledged that “It was a huge transformation for us. We had to get good at building for other customer segments at the time, like e-commerce customers and others. And that was new for us, too. It’s all kinds of new disciplines for us. To inflict that kind of change on your employees is very, very rough. I just can’t help but look back with gratitude that my employees were willing to go on this journey with me. And they actually had faith in me and this release — this fall release — is really the culmination of everything we’ve been working on for four years to me.”

John Foreman, CPO of Mailchimp said “We’ve been doing marketing for decades. And we have millions of small businesses on the platform. And so not only do we build all these tools ourselves, which allows us to integrate them from a visual design perspective — they’re not necessarily acquisitions — but we have this common data set from years and years of doing marketing across millions of businesses, billions of customers we’re talking to, and so we thought, how can we use intelligence — artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc — to also sand down how these tools connect.”

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