Barcodes Group to host free webinar with partner Zebra Technologies


On Wednesday, November 9th at 12:00 PM ET, Barcodes Group is hosting a free webinar with partner Zebra Technologies, focusing on the Fetch Robotics AMR platform. Titled: “The Rise of Mobile Robotics,” This webinar features industry experts Manthan Pawar of Barcodes Group and David Lin of Zebra Technologies. It highlights AMRs as an efficient solution that meets the industry’s evolving demands by automating repetitive tasks and allowing for better utilization of labor resources.

Participants attending this webinar will learn the following:

  • Industry drivers creating the demand for AMRs
  • How AMRs can achieve higher operational speed and throughput
  • Workflows within warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, and more

“Customer expectations have changed dramatically over the past few years. The desire for speed and efficiency in our distribution processes jumpstarted the appetite for AMRs, as they touch almost every package we receive today. Exploding E-commerce, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages create a tremendous need for automation. With the amount of flexibility and speed AMRs bring to our customers at little to no capital expenditure, it is an easy choice,” says Manthan Pawar, Product Manager, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Barcodes Group.

“Our wide range of AMR solutions for Pallet, Case, and Each movement can easily integrate with most customer warehouse management systems to help automate the supply chain and move products expediently. Our emerging Robotics Automation platform, coupled with our Enterprise Mobility and RFID Enabled Supply Chain solutions, makes us the one-stop shop for all customer automation and supply chain needs,” adds Daniel Nettesheim, President & CEO of Barcodes Group.

The webinar is 45 minutes long and concludes with a Q&A section. Interested participants can register for the event here.

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