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SproutLoud Debuts New Developer Portal


SproutLoud, an industry leader in Distributed Marketing technology, announced the launch of its new Developer Portal, a key component of the company’s Open Platform initiative.

This launch will provide several benefits for SproutLoud clients, especially developers:

  • Faster coding through auto generated API Clients and server stubs
  • Enhanced security through the use of OAuth 2.0 and two legged authentication
  • Broader data integration options powered by rest APIs and webhooks to help Enterprise companies automate day-to-day operations and scale for growth

“SproutLoud’s Open Initiative is all about making our technology more flexible, more adaptable, to our clients’ needs,” said SproutLoud CEO Jared Shusterman. “Current technology buyers want interoperability between their newer purchases and pre-existing MarTech investments. The idea of being ‘Open’ is that we’re providing a lot of different ways for other platforms to talk to our platform — so our clients can model the strategy that is right for their business, rather than trying to improvise a strategy to fit the software they buy.”

SproutLoud’s Open Initiative is primarily focused on three aspects:

  1. Reducing the amount of effort and IT resources required to integrate with SproutLoud
  2. Creating a secure environment for SproutLoud to connect with third-party systems
  3. Giving customers more options to seamlessly work with SproutLoud

As a key component of SproutLoud’s Open Platform initiative, the Developer Portal embodies the company’s quest to build the most flexible and developer-friendly technology for data exchange.

With SproutLoud, Enterprise clients can now offer integrations to their partners while maintaining control over the data they share by creating individual integration points. The SproutLoud Developer Portal supports a bleeding edge API gateway based on OAuth 2.0. All SproutLoud APIs were transitioned to industry standards OpenAPI 3.0.3 to support standardized documentation and offer easy integration with clients’ systems.

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