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BENlabs advances A/B Testing features for TubeBuddy browser extension


BENlabs, the leading entertainment AI company, today announced the most recent updates to its A/B Testing feature. This latest product release is part of TubeBuddy, the renowned browser extension designed to enrich the YouTube experience for Creators. Exclusive enhancements to the A/B Testing features are available now for TubeBuddy Creators and are set to revolutionize the way creators optimize their content for better engagement and  higher reach.

Key Upgrade Highlights:

  • NEW Data & Metrics: In addition to the existing Watch Time metric, the upgrade now includes key metrics such as Engagement, Views and Click-Through Rate (CTR), offering a more comprehensive understanding of content performance.
  • Enhanced User Interface: The new interface is intuitively designed for ease of use, allowing creators to set up, monitor, and analyze A/B tests with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency.
  • Customizable Testing Options: Creators now have more flexibility to customize their tests. They can select specific elements such as titles, thumbnails, descriptions, and tags to experiment with, providing them with deeper insights into what resonates best with their audience.

The Competition

Compared to competitors, the TubeBuddy AB Testing feature allows Creators to make data-informed decisions by selecting the metric they will base their test on from a menu of available options including Click-Thru-Rate and Engagement. A/B Testing offered on other platforms limited Creators by only allowing them to select a winner based on Watch Time. With TubeBuddy’s A/B Testing feature Creators can now determine which metric will be the deciding factor based on what they find most crucial for their specific channel.

Empowering Creators for Greater Success

TubeBuddy is committed to empowering Creators with tools that make content creation more efficient, data-driven, and successful. This upgrade is a testament to BENlabs dedication to continuous innovation and support for the creator community.

“Our enhanced A/B testing feature is designed to empower creators with powerful insights offered by data-backed tools,” said Tyler Folkman, Chief Technology & AI Officer of BENlabs. “Arming Creators with the very best in AI features to grow their channels means users have the best opportunity to maximize their efforts and amplify their performance.”


The upgraded A/B testing feature is available now to TubeBuddy users. Creators can access it by updating their TubeBuddy browser extension to the latest version.

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