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Virgin Mobile KSA chooses IST Networks for Genesys Cloud Migration

IST Networks

IST Networks, a leading CX Technology system integrator and platinum Genesys partner, is proud to announce a strategic Customer Experience Transformation project with Virgin Mobile KSA. This initiative will migrate Virgin Mobile’s siloed customer experience platforms to a unified Genesys Cloud solution, building on the existing relationship of more than five years between Virgin Mobile and IST Networks. The project will consolidate Virgin Mobile’s varied customer service channels—including voice, social media, messaging, WhatsApp, and a Conversational AI Chatbot—into a single, cloud-based platform. This move is aimed at streamlining customer interactions and enhancing service delivery through a seamless omnichannel experience.

Virgin Mobile KSA, which is part of Beyond One Group, has consistently been leading the way in digital innovation within the Saudi telecommunications industry, empowering consumers with customizable mobile plans, app innovative features, and a customer-centric approach. This strategy has not only set Virgin Mobile apart in a competitive market but has also earned it recognition from the Saudi Communications Space & Technology Commission (CST) for having the lowest number of customer complaints per 100,000 subscribers among mobile operators in the region based on the latest studies.

The Genesys Cloud platform is celebrated for its AI-powered experience orchestration, offering organizations the capability to deliver empathetic, personalized experiences at scale. As a comprehensive, cloud-born platform, Genesys Cloud fosters organizational growth by enabling the delivery of the right customer experience at the right time, enhancing workforce engagement, and driving efficiency and operational improvements.

This partnership goes beyond a simple technology migration; it signifies a fundamental shift in how Virgin Mobile KSA engages with its customers. By consolidating multiple communication channels onto a unified platform, this initiative addresses the challenges presented by previously siloed management systems, ensuring a more seamless service experience. Furthermore, the project promises to improve the agent work environment by introducing a unified cloud desktop, enabling more efficient and personalized customer support.

“Our collaboration with IST Networks stems from our commitment to delivering the best customer experience and continuously innovating our service offerings by integrating AI technology tailored to meet customer needs. Additionally, we aim to enhance the efficiency of our member care agents and maintain a high-quality working environment through the Genesys Cloud platform” stated Yaarob AlSayegh, CEO of Virgin Mobile KSA.

“We are excited to deepen our partnership with Virgin Mobile KSA through this strategic migration to the Genesys Cloud platform,” said Mohamed Fahmy, CEO of IST Networks. “Our extensive experience with Genesys Cloud enables us to deliver a sophisticated, integrated customer service model, elevating the customer experience to unprecedented levels.”

This initiative highlights Virgin Mobile KSA’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge digital innovation to continue providing superior customer service, solidifying its position as a leader in the Saudi telecommunications sector.

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Virgin Mobile KSA, a subsidiary of Beyond One Group, is a leading telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, committed to delivering innovative and customer-centric mobile services. With a focus on digital innovation and personalized experiences, Virgin Mobile KSA empowers consumers with customizable mobile plans, advanced app features, and seamless connectivity. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, Virgin Mobile KSA continues to redefine the telecommunications landscape, offering unparalleled service excellence and convenience to its customers across the Kingdo m.

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Virgin Mobile KSA offers a wide range of innovative products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers in Saudi Arabia. Serving more than 2 million customers, from flexible mobile plans to cutting-edge app features, Virgin Mobile KSA provides customers with the tools they need to stay connected and in control of their mobile experience. With a focus on simplicity, affordability, and convenience, Virgin Mobile KSA strives to deliver unmatched value and satisfaction to its customers, empowering them to enjoy the benefits of mobile technology with ease.


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Acknowledged for our innovation and exemplary service, IST Networks has garnered numerous industry awards. Our dedication to leading the CX technology domain is evident in our continuous efforts to offer cutting-edge solutions and consultancy, enhancing customer experiences across the board.


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