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Best B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B marketers need out-of-the-box marketing strategies to bounce back in 2021, so to inspire them we have listed some of the best B2B marketing campaigns examples
B2B Marketing Campaigns

We have entered 2021, a new decade of the 21st century, and one thing that I have learned and even you might also be known is that marketing is constantly changing and becoming more and more competitive.

Marketing always has new trends, and businesses that leverage those trends, stand out with their marketing campaigns are the ones that not only gain a huge number of customers and enhance their ROI but are also remembered in the world of marketing.

For a moment consider Facebook ads. Around half a decade back, brands globally spent a combined $3.2 billion on Facebook advertising, which was just a fifth of the amount spent on Google ads. In 2019, that figure had increased to over $16 billion, with 92% of social marketers now using Facebook for advertising.

The same goes with B2B marketing space as well. Every year we see exciting and very creative B2B marketing campaigns that set a benchmark for other B2B marketers. So, as we gear up to recover from the damages of 2020, it is important to be creative and motivated. To inspire you at the start of this decade, we have listed some of the best B2B marketing campaign examples from varied forms of B2B marketing B2B Content Marketing examples, B2B Email Marketing examples, and B2B Influencer Marketing examples are some of the forms of B2B marketing that are in huge demand amongst the marketers.

Before we dive into the examples, let’s first revise what is B2B marketing?

Business-to-Business Marketing or B2B marketing refers to the techniques and best practices used by companies that sell directly to other businesses. It is a process that involves selling products and services developed by one company to another. Also, it is necessary for any business that wants to offer its services to other brands.

Some of the popular names in the B2B sector are:




Let’s now have a look at the top B2B marketing campaign examples in various forms of marketing.

  • Hubspot – B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign

One of the all-time best B2B social media marketing campaign examples is the marketing campaign of Martech leader, Hubspot. They provide some of the most comprehensive resources for social media and digital marketing, as well as a suite of products for inbound sales. So it should be no surprise that they have one of the best success stories for the power of B2B social media marketing.

Hubspot wanted to target marketers from small and medium-sized businesses through LinkedIn. So, they developed sponsored content to appear alongside the newsfeed of your target audience. The initiative enabled them to inform their clients as well as bring them new leads.

As a result, there were 400% more leads with their target audience than other platforms. They also gained instant insights on what was working and what they needed to tweak for their next campaign.

  • Shopify – B2B Video Marketing Campaign

As soon as I heard the term ‘one of the best B2B Video marketing campaign examples’ the first campaign that came to my mind was Shopify’s video marketing campaign.

Shopify is an Ecommerce and point-of-sale platform for businesses to make sales online. While they have a diverse catalog hosting relevant content to enable brands to get started with their digital marketing requirements, However the one place where Shopify really shines with their video content library. The Ecommerce platform has leveraged video marketing for extensive growth and lead generation.

Shopify has also integrated a multichannel approach to its video marketing, increasing its reach via leading social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. They take an intentional approach to their video marketing content too, providing informative video content to help inform their audience.

They also lean into a culture of experimentation when it comes to their video marketing efforts. Another engaging and stellar example of Shopify’s experiment is when they once tried to publish a video a day for three months on their Facebook page to check the result. While the output and workload were immense, the butterfly effect garnered major success with one of their videos garnering over 1 million views on Facebook. 

  • Asana – B2B Email Marketing Campaign

When it comes to B2B Email Marketing campaign examples, Asana is the best. Asana is a great platform to enable teams with project management and communications. It has a clean and clear user interface that is easy to navigate. However, new users might be a little baffled by all the possible options.

In order to welcome new users or clients, the company sends an amazing email to introduce new customers to the platform, the video swiftly transforms into a module showing them just how easy it is to utilize the service. With a strong call-to-action (CTA), an email like this can engage a new audience and decrease their intimidation and frustration.

Asana utilizes email to encourage new subscribers to get involved with the app. by presenting the features and showcasing how easy it can be to boost engagement.

  • Scripted – B2B Content Marketing Campaign

Discussion about one of the best B2B content marketing campaign examples can’t be finished without talking about a content marketing campaign of Scripted. Scripted helps brands and businesses in finding and hiring writers to develop their content.

In order to compete with other marketplaces for writers, Scripted launched a content marketing strategy focusing on every step of the buyer’s journey.

They published a blog and podcasts discussing common problems focused on feeding people into the top of the funnel.

They also launched white papers and webinars that offered deeper solutions to move people further down the sales funnel to encourage email sign-ups

They also published case studies to prove their effectiveness to subscribers who will hopefully then use their services.

Their approach was highly successful with their blog posts driving 46% of their visitors. They also witnessed the bounce rates for content close to three times lower than other sources.

  • SAP – B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

SAP is a well-known brand and a brand that loves leveraging influencer marketing, so we are going to discuss one of the best B2B Influencer marketing campaign examples, a campaign by SAP. SAP develops enterprise software for companies. At the core, they are an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application, focusing on Finance, Logistics, and HR. They are a very B2B marketing focused brand. SAP has discovered and leveraged the benefits of working with third-party influencers to empower them in marketing their services.

SAP organizes Sapphire, a popular user conference held in Orlando, Florida every year and it attracts nearly about 20,000 attendees. In 2016, SAP decided to widen its reach, and to do that, they worked with 11 influencers to develop interview-based video content for the conference. The influencers live-streamed to around 80,000 users who failed to attend the event.

SAP, and its influencers, shared this material, predominantly through Facebook. Later SAP was able to repurpose many of the interviews as part of blog posts.

SAP coordinated its influencers during Sapphire, arranged strategic meetings between the influencers and also the attendees, on the basis of the areas of expertise of their influencers. They also provided an opportunity for the influencers to meet with executives to utilize the SAP products and give feedback. SAP has also worked with influencers at many other events

B2B Strategy, Take Away from the above examples.

All the examples mentioned above are the best B2B marketing campaigns of 2016, 2018,2019, and 2020. Did you notice something, all the above-mentioned B2B marketing campaign examples had few things in common? Those few things are creativity, dedication, and a customer-centric approach.

Most of the brands haven’t applied some rocket science to become the stars of the campaign, but whatever they did, they first understood the behavior and needs of their potential customers and tweaked some creativity accordingly.

Hopefully, these B2B marketing campaign examples will inspire you and your team to be creative, influential, impactful, and innovative in 2021, and in this new decade. Stay tuned with the latest B2B marketing trends and include them in some of your campaigns with a more creative and customer-centric approach.

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