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Birdzi and Ideal by Design House Team Up

Regional grocers, Coborn’s and Hornbacher’s, saw improvements in digital engagement after completing phase one of the joint integration

Birdzi, the supermarket industry’s most comprehensive customer intelligence and engagement ecosystem, today announced a new partnership with Ideal by Design House. Together, the two solution providers are revolutionizing the weekly ad circular for grocers. After completing phase one of the integration and implementing the Birdzi and Design House collaboration in 12 stores, the retailer is expanding the project to all Coborn’s and Hornbacher’s locations.

Birdzi and Design House are dedicated to ensuring regional grocers keep up with ever-changing customer demands. One of the most prominent changes in the industry is the decreasing popularity of print ad circulars. This is due to increasing production costs for grocers and the further digitization of the shopping experience in other retail segments.

As a result, Ideal by Design House offers grocers an interactive digital circular designed to reach targeted audiences within the retailer’s geographic area. The outreach, driven by media buys, delivers measurable in-store traffic improvements. Ideal by Design House ensures that the digital circular has all the benefits of a print circular, plus videos, shopping lists, recipes, coupons and sharing capabilities – all based on the most accurate analytic and visitation data available.

Similarly, Birdzi empowers grocers to personalize the deals within the digital circular through customer intelligence and detailed analytics. With Birdzi’s VISPER 2.0 solution, the entire deal is created for an individual customer – from the chosen product and the discount itself to the fonts and overall presentation.

“At a time where inflation is impacting customer’s financial certainty, it’s important for retailers to increase the reach of personalized offers,” said Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder, Birdzi. “Our partnership with Design House is about meeting shoppers where they are and bringing personalization to the touchpoints they frequently use – like mobile apps – to simplify the shopping experience, encourage loyalty and drive digital engagement.”

Coborn’s, a long-time customer of Birdzi, has already experienced notable improvements in customer loyalty after implementing VISPER 2.0 in August 2022. Now, Coborn’s and Hornbacher’s will display the Ideal by Design House circular on the mobile and web app, both powered by previous Birdzi integrations. The circular will contain personalized deals and promotions generated by VISPER 2.0.

“Coborn’s has developed an intelligent approach for their print to digital transformation,” said Adam Zimmerman, partner and senior vice president, Design House. “The Ideal by Design House platform is their first step, but they’ve created a seismic shift by enhancing this partnership with Birdzi. Adding personalization to an already engaging platform moves them so far down the field, it’s hard to imagine their competition ever catching up.”

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