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Top 3 Customer intelligence platforms in 2022

Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence platforms empower brands with informed decision-making. But how can you choose the right tech for your business?

Customer intelligence is using data to create more granularity in every aspect of your business, delivering a delightful customer experience. You leverage the data to create personalized experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. It’s not enough to collect data; the real deal is analyzing it right.

The blend of data science and analytics will help your business answer the most complex questions, unraveling the intricacies of what the customer wants. This blog post will help you form a unique perspective on customer intelligence. Let’s drill it down!

The Importance

“Buyers have a lot of information and choices at their disposal now. Understanding them better is the only way to acquire and retain more customers. The demands have amplified, and customer loyalty has dwindled.”

Customer intelligence gives powerful insights that ensure customers choose you over your competitors. You need to make sense of data to step into their shoes and think from their perspective.

Long gone are the days when price predominantly drove purchase decisions. You might offer the cheapest product, but if you fail to meet their expectations and provide the expected customer experience, they won’t take a minute to switch to another brand that does it for them.

The Platforms

As marketers and salespeople, we have preconceived notions about how things are and where they’re going. There’s a lot of guesswork and not enough data-backed facts. Customers share a lot of information online; all you need to do is tap into it.


Talkwalker allows you to know your customer in real-time. It empowers you to collect data from all digital sources, such as blogs, forums, and CRMs, and bring it together to create a single view of the customer.

A leader in customer intelligence, Talkwalker allows you to have a holistic approach to product development, marketing, and customer service. You can tailor the experience customers have with your brand at each touchpoint, transcending their expectations.


Hubspot’s customer intelligence platform helps you foster robust customer relationships and has all the state-of-the-art features, including help desk automation, conversational intelligence, reporting, customer surveys, and more!

Gathering data such as geographical locations, demographics, purchase history, and customer interactions, the platform lets you know your customers on an individual level and deepens those relationships. With HubSpot, you can figure out specific customer needs and reach them at the right time with the right message.


ActionIQ’s customer experience hub helps you orchestrate powerful real-time experiences and bolster business capabilities, transforming data with agility and scale.

Fragmented data won’t help you create experiences your customers demand. With ActionIQ, you drive growth with agility and finesse. The actionable insights bridge the gap between data and CX. ActionIQ’s journey management subtly steers the process from first-touch to long-term customer loyalty.

The Editor’s Note

Marketing, sales, and customer experience have to be data-driven. You need to target customers knowing their next step. It has to be how, when, and where they want to hear from you.

Customer intelligence needs a qualitative as well as a quantitative approach to data. Your customers will give you everything you need to know, proving to be the most precious asset for business growth.

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