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BlockClick Unveils Dual Listing Format on Six Swiss Exchange

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BlockClick, a blockchain platform in the digital marketing space, unveiled a dual listing format in which investors can buy both coins and stocks. Announced by BlockClick COO Ben Brown and Swiss Growth Forum founder Andreea Porcelli, the new format will allow companies to list an equity and token, which can be traded side by side. Both discussed the new format in an interview with Jon Najarian of the International ICO Channel.

The move provides an attractive solution for investors in the $250 billion global ad market. BlockClick’s decentralized solution, which integrates blockchain technology and smart contracts, has addressed marketing fraud on a crucial level. “Companies are now able to list their equities first then list their coins on the same exchange,” said Porcelli, further highlighting the importance of cryptocurrencies and how a coin and equity exchange provides investors with a clear path to liquidity.

BlockClick announced it plans to list equities by the end of Q4. Tokens are expected to be listed at some point later, while dual listings will be available to investors by early next year.

Six Swiss, a stock exchange that introduced the world’s first completely automated trading platform, announced the first end-to-end coin and liquidity exchange over the summer. BlockClick’s dual listing is expected to benefit both stockholders and companies, given investors are looking at tokens but still trust equities more.

An invitation-only conference, Swiss Growth Forum focuses on emerging blockchain companies looking for investor exposure internationally. It serves companies seeking capital as well. During the three-day conference, attendees interact with institutional fund managers, private asset managers, and industry sponsors and foundations as well as high net worth individuals.

The BlockClick platform provides a fully transparent solution that guarantees secure payments for media buyers and fraud protection for advertisers. Smart contracts reduce payment delays, simplify the dispute resolution process, and use select marketing methodologies to create a secure environment for transactions to take place. Digital marketing network providers, advertisers, and publishers benefit from transparency, encryption, and interrogation of contracts enabled by a thin-layer protocol.

Visit BlockClick online at https://www.blockclick.io to learn about its platform and keep track of dual listing opportunities as they become available.

For Media Inquiries, please contact Mark Reiken, Chief Marketing Officer;  Email: mark@blockclick.io

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