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BONAFiDEE Launches New Secure Digital Engagement Platform – BONAFiDEE Engage

BONAFiDEE Launches New Secure Digital Engagement Platform - BONAFiDEE Engage

BONAFiDEE, the award winning regtech company based in Tunbridge Wells are proud to announce the launch of its new secure digital engagement platform – BONAFiDEE Engage.

The new platform enables organisations and individuals to engage online in a safe, compliant and fully evidencable way.

BONAFiDEE founder Francis Lang said: “We wanted to make life easier for both organisations and individuals when dealing with important financial, legal and personal matters and benefit from all the advantages of working digitally whilst reducing the risks of online fraud. Our new secure digital platform enables organisations and individuals to establish digital trust by proving their identities, send secure messages, share information and sign important documents in a digital environment that’s as secure as online banking. Consumers are increasingly demanding the flexibility and ease of online solutions. Whilst applying for car finance, a mortgage or signing a legal contract for example, individuals no longer want to risk sending important documents via the post. However, with the number of online fraud cases increasing individuals may also be wary of adding personal data to an email or website in fear that it might not be secure. Our digital engagement platform is the solution, protecting organisations and individuals with increased security and fraud prevention empowering everyone to engage digitally with supreme ease and confidence. We constantly test and monitor the security of our encrypted system, and a dedicated team oversees information security, compliance and regulatory changes. As a result, BONAFiDEE Engage is the most robust and legally enforceable e-signature solution available.”

BONAFiDEE Engage is available today and can be used on all standard devices including desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. For more info visit

Established in 2008 BONAFiDEE is an award winning innovative regtech company based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. A digital trust pioneer, BONAFiDEE is defining new standards by designing cutting edge, anti-fraud, paperless technology, that establishes digital engagement with the utmost levels of security, compliance and user satisfaction. For more information visit:

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