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Brandcrush Expands Solution to U.S. Grocery Retailers

Omnichannel platform fuels retailers' and brands' growth and efficiency as retail media booms

Today, Australia-owned omnichannel media platform Brandcrush announced its expansion in the U.S. market to help grocery retailers and CPG brands drive growth with efficient, centralized media management as the $190 billion retail media market booms worldwide. The U.S. expansion into grocery retail follows Brandcrush’s success in Australia and with global D2C retailers, propelled by global businesses’ urgent need to modernize their media practices to unlock new revenue, protect margins and grow amid rising inflation.

Brandcrush closes the adtech gap in retail media, offering a unique solution for grocery retailers, with a software and network for all omnichannel touchpoints (in-store, out-of-store and online shopper media) and a scalable platform that integrates with financial, CMS, and onsite media platforms, to drive and end to end solution. By unlocking and scaling the entire omnichannel owned media opportunity, Brandcrush simplifies how companies buy and sell retail media. Monetizing retailers’ omnichannel media touchpoints grows their top and bottom lines with efficient processes. Brands maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS), seamlessly identifying which retailers and media optimize conversion, lower customer acquisition costs and fuel product discovery.

This U.S. expansion coincides with the Groceryshop conference taking place September 19-22 in Las Vegas, where Brandcrush CEO and co-founder Teresa Aprile will speak about the underserved owned-media market opportunity. “We’re excited to align our technology with the needs of the U.S. grocery retail market, as 80% of retail media assets remain underserved by adtech,” says Aprile. “Too often, media assets are hard to book and scale, and highly inefficient, scattered across fragmented, manual formats like spreadsheets, emails, PDFs and media kits. Bringing our centralized, digital solution to U.S. grocery retailers will help brands efficiently book any form of owned media and maximize retailers’ media monetization potential.”

Brandcrush continues to gain momentum, as its media solution drives up to 30% revenue growth opportunity by making it easier to buy and sell owned media, and in excess of 25% operational efficiency gains through tech-enabled media management. As a result, Brandcrush has earned the trust of multinational retailers, brands and agencies across multiple verticals, including grocery, pharmacy, direct-to-consumer retail, shopping malls and fitness operators.

Companies and investors are paying close attention to the evolution of the global retail media market, as brand marketers shift dollars toward retailer media channels for deeper customer engagement and lower customer acquisition costs. Marketing budgets now blend across trade, shopper, digital and brand segments, and today’s omnichannel shopper compels brands to align in-store and online media efforts for effective targeting that leads to sales growth. To learn more, visit

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