Broadlinc Launches New E-commerce Platform


Owenton, KY-based internet service provider Broadlinc is pleased to announce the launch of their new e-commerce shopping cart. Broadlinc Director of Marketing Brittany Bowlin was recently interviewed about the new direction the company is taking, and she explained how the company has turned to e-commerce as a way to achieve the scalability the team desired. Their new e-commerce venture will allow them to reach a new market of people that want to keep purchasing power in their hands. With the new platform, customers can access a full range of pricing options and features without having to speak to a representative.

This is Broadlinc’s first e-commerce experience. Previously, customers would submit inquiries online, following which a member of the Broadlinc team would reach out to inform them of service availability. The team would then create the work order, process it, and finally communicate with the customer about an installation date. With the new online system, customers can handle every step of the process from beginning to end on their own. This means that they can now build their own internet package, select their equipment and schedule an installation on their own time, all without having to speak to a single company representative. By giving complete control of the process over to customers, Broadlinc is able to offer more flexible service that is designed around the customer’s needs and preferences.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers an online experience that will allow them greater convenience than ever before,” said TJ Scott, Vice President of Operations. “Now that they can build their own internet package and schedule installation at the click of a button, it makes purchasing high-speed internet easier than ever before. It’s all about giving people choices so they can get the best service possible. We are excited for customers to experience the brand in this new, interactive way.”

The platform is now live, and is currently available to new customers and those within the service area. In addition, customers who cannot access the shopping cart experience can still send in their submissions and have a sales representative reach out to them. Broadlinc is also working to allow current customers to access it in the future. Interested parties may visit Broadlinc’s Facebook page for regular updates regarding the new e-commerce platform and the progress they have made towards making the platform available to older customers. They can also visit the company’s website for more information on their broader services.

Broadlinc’s mission is to provide high-quality communications and entertainment services along with the best local customer service in the industry for rural Kentucky residents. They do this in the most profitable way possible while still remaining committed to integrity, quality, and efficiency in everything they do. The company prides itself on its unique customer-centric approach. Broadlinc sends out quarterly surveys so they can learn how to improve and serve their customers better. They understand the importance of consistent, reliable service and do everything they can to ensure that. Earlier this year, the Broadlinc team worked in icy conditions to serve their community, which is just one of the many actions the company has taken to ensure that everyone receives excellent service no matter what.

Broadlinc also does a lot of work for the community. They have sponsored various events, including sporting events (which are aimed at giving back to student-athletes), community events, and school programs. They have held luncheons for grand openings and visited schools to talk to students about possible future careers at Broadlinc. They are always looking for new ways to demonstrate their commitment to learning and connecting — not only with their customers — but with their community as well. They believe in building relationships and building trust by reaching out to customers and forming tight bonds with them.

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