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CaliberMind Raises $2.0M to Boost B2B Buyer Journey Intelligence

Empowering B2B marketers to optimize pipeline and revenue growth through better analytics

CaliberMind, a B2B Marketing Intelligence Software, announced a $2.0M seed round extension led by Newark Venture Partners and Falmouth Ventures. CaliberMind empowers B2B marketers to optimize pipeline and revenue growth through their customer data solution. Their platform eliminates reporting silos and provides customers clean data to fuel their buyer journey insights, discover real return on marketing investment, and measure marketing effectiveness.

“This technology gives marketers the opportunity to move away from being viewed as a cost center and allows them to prove the value they bring to a business. We’re excited to support CaliberMind and look forward to supporting their ongoing success,” said Daniel Borok, Managing Partner of Newark Venture Partners.

“I’ve watched marketing executives struggle to tell a data-driven story about their department’s contribution to the business too often. A solution that can help marketers see across their technical stack and speak to how their investments are performing is a board member’s dream come true,” said Dan Frawley, Managing Director of Falmouth Ventures.

The sharp climb in adoption of digital marketing tactics have presented new challenges to marketing analysts. Online marketing tools are often disconnected and difficult to mine for information. CaliberMind empowers B2B marketers to optimize pipeline and revenue growth by elevating the insights they need, leading to better outcomes and less waste.

“Historically, marketers have had a difficult time tying their activities to revenue. When your primary function is to drive awareness and increase pipeline, this data disconnect can be devastating for leadership teams,” said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind. “With how quickly things are changing in the market, we need agile reporting models to effectively scale pipeline for marketing organizations. CaliberMind solves for this.”

“We needed a platform that could merge online and offline activities with our CRM. If we couldn’t see the impact of each of our investments had on revenue, we couldn’t make educated decisions about where to allocate marketing spend,” said Ali Jawain, Director of Global Growth Marketing at Reptrak. “CaliberMind is the first vendor we’ve interacted with that claims they can integrate and normalize any data source and actually delivers.”

CaliberMind will primarily use funding to invest in product development and scale go-to-market functions. Their focus is on increasing self-service capabilities and building awareness around what can be achieved by marketers with the right insights.

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