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transcosmos America alongwith Zenrin USA to Launch Sales Support

A sales style that utilizes data and digital communications under the constraints of face-to-face sales due to the influence of COVID-19

transcosmos America Inc. (Headquarters: California; President & COO: Toru Tanii; hereafter, Transcosmos America), a US subsidiary of transcosmos, inc., is collaborating with Zenrin USA, Inc. (Headquarters: California; CEO: Tadao Ogaki; hereafter Zenrin USA), to conduct direct marketing utilizing the email big data of Zenrin USA with content marketing and know-how that transcosmos has cultivated by providing services for the United States. The two companies have started offering a B2B sales support service called “D!G!Sales (DiGi Sales)” in this COVID-19 influenced era. They aim to provide services for Japanese and local US companies that have B2B businesses in the United States.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, remote work has become indispensable but is causing various problems. Especially in marketing and sales activities which are the foundation of any business, there is demand for a new sales style to triumph in the corona-virus era due to restrictions on face-to-face sales activities. There are some issues that have been solved such as approaching existing customers using online meetings but especially in acquiring new prospective customers, new measures using digital technology to increase achievement rates and information disclosure methods are required due to the lack of office telephone connections and the cancellation of offline events. Under this new normal, Zenrin USA and transcosmos America have collaborated and started offering the B2B sales support service named “D!G!Sales (DiGi Sales)”.

Zenrin, which has a large market share in navigation map data, entered the United States in 1996 and has been conducting various field surveys on road signs and facility information around highway exits, as well as handling various third-party data. Third-party data refers to the vast amount of data collected from various data sources, and this service utilizes consumer data and business data to support new customer acquisition. There are various segments of consumer data such as age, gender, nationality, living quarters, hobbies, tastes and lifestyles such as occupation, family structure and annual income. There is also business data including not only industry and business scale, but data such as name of person in charge and job title.

By combining e-mail marketing services provided by Zenrin USA using these data with content marketing services such as website production, blog production, content development, email design and SNS operation provided by Transcosmos America, they propose a new sales style that is different from the past.

■ An online seminar titled “In the ear of Corona’s Sales Style -How to Find Potential Customers-” will be held on August 20.
An online seminar in Japanese will be held for those who are considering the shift to digital B2B sales to the US market.
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