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Marketing Automation Platform Plannuh Adds Newer Capabilities

The new marketing plan functionality helps marketers easily manage goals, campaigns, projects, and content for full visibility, agility, and team collaboration

Plannuh Inc., makers of the leading AI-Driven marketing leadership platform, today announced new functionality that helps marketers build and manage ROI-driven plans. This new functionality empowers marketers to build and manage comprehensive marketing plans that include detailed goals, campaigns, and activities. Users can also track their achievement against both quantitative goals and budgetary spending for a true understanding of their ROI. Combined with Plannuh’s industry-leading budget management functionality, the platform now offers a full Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution.

Marketers understand that a marketing plan is the most important and strategic document they will produce all year, but they typically build their marketing plans in slide decks, spreadsheets, or documents that do not provide a best practices approach for creating a goals-driven marketing plan.  As they execute their plan, they find that traditional tools for managing their plans are not optimized for, or even capable of, housing and tracking everything they need to run successful campaigns. Consequently, their plans become difficult to track and adapt, and they falter.

Plannuh applies a goals-based approach to marketing plans and campaigns so users can track their progress against key performance metrics. Whether the goals are qualitative (rolling out a new brand) or quantitative (revenue) users can assign them to campaigns, activities, and budgets for measuring true ROI. They can even create custom goals to fit their unique strategy.

Plannuh offers flexibility to build campaigns the way marketers want to structure them. Campaigns in Plannuh can be as complex as integrated, cross-functional, global, multi-vehicle campaigns or as simple as sending out an email. Marketers can see how their campaign performance metrics roll-up to achieve topline goals. Plannuh provides a timeline view of all campaigns for project management and allows marketers to store all of their relevant campaign content.

What’s included in the release:

  • Goals management. Manage qualitative and quantitative goals and assign them to campaigns to measure their true ROI.
  • Campaign management.  Comprehensive campaign management containing target audience, messaging, channels, budget, and metrics.
  • Content management. Attach all campaign content including documents, images, and video in one place for consolidation, easy access, and team collaboration
  • Project management. Plannuh offers a marketing campaign calendar and an activities task list complete with target dates, owners, and status for keeping teams on track.

This planning functionality release will provide many benefits to marketers, including:

  • Best practices – leverage a proven approach to plan, goal, and campaign management
  • Agility – create different planning scenarios for quickly adjusting to market conditions
  • Savings – consolidate your campaign, project and content management into one system
  • Visibility – all your marketing in one place for team collaboration and efficiency
  • ROI – measure the true ROI by combining success metrics with actual spend
  • Easy – quick set-up, intuitive marketing UI, and automated functionality

“Managing marketing plans in slide decks and documents is a good way to lose sight of the goals,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh, “This is when unorganized, random acts of marketing start to occur that make it difficult to measure and validate the value of a marketing plan and campaigns.  Plannuh provides a best practice approach to building a marketing plan, managing campaigns, and measuring the true ROI on both.”

Plannuh provides the entire marketing team including CMOs and operations with a collaborative, permissions-based platform that is purpose-built for the way marketers create and execute plans and budgets.

Plannuh is used by marketing teams and agencies in North AmericaEurope, and Asia.  Plannuh customers span many industries with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models.

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