Snappy Kraken Announces Automated Lead-Gen Campaign for Riskalyze Subscribers

Snappy Kraken Announces Automated Lead-Gen Campaign for Riskalyze Subscribers

Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company focused on helping financial professionals automate their marketing and business processes, announced that they are unveiling a new automated marketing campaign which helps financial advisors connect with more prospective clients using the Risk Number assessment tool from Riskalyze. The new offering will be unveiled at the Fearless Investing Summit at the San Antonio Rivercenter from October 17-19, 2018.

Snappy Kraken will lead a Partner Breakout Session at Riskalyze’s annual conference, Fearless Investing Summit, on October 18 from 5:15-5:45p.m.

“During our presentation, advisors will see a completely automated lead generation campaign that has been created specifically to generate more Riskalyze leads for an advisor’s business,” said Robert Sofia, Snappy Kraken CEO and co-founder. “As a bonus, advisors will also learn how marketing automation can help them convert more of their existing prospects into appointments, and how it can help them generate more referrals from their clients.”

“We are thrilled to be working closely with Riskalyze to craft this solution for their subscribers,” said Sofia.

“Advisors love embedding Riskalyze’s lead generation risk questionnaire into their site to turn leads into winnable meetings, and Snappy Kraken is elite at equipping advisors with campaigns to drive that traffic online. High traffic and high conversion make for a strong combination, and the digital marketing campaign Snappy Kraken created specifically for Riskalyze users is sure to be a powerful tool in the advisor’s arsenal. It will drive traffic to their site with a stunning landing page that acts as a lead magnet to the Riskalyze widget,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Riskalyze.

Snappy Kraken has developed a visually stunning digital marketing campaign exclusively for Riskalyze’s advisor subscribers. This customized campaign will use social media, email blasts, and online advertising to drive leads into the Riskalyze system.

The Fearless Investing Summit is Riskalyze’s annual conference, empowering financial advisors to recharge, evaluate new ideas and tools, and receive invaluable education from world-class thought leaders.

“We’re thrilled that Snappy Kraken chose the Fearless Investing Summit as the place to launch these exciting new Risk Number®-focused marketing campaigns in their product,” said Klein. “Helping advisors improve their marketing is a key objective of Summit, and we’re grateful for Snappy Kraken’s partnership.”

Advisors who already subscribe to Riskalyze and Snappy Kraken will get the custom marketing campaign at no additional cost.

“We have many innovative marketing solutions planned for release in 2019, bringing automation and superior marketing to advisors. Our goal is to help them fill their pipeline and nurture their existing relationships better than ever,” added Sofia.

To learn more about Snappy Kraken’s products and services, go to

Snappy Kraken, is a SaaS marketing solution that helps financial advisors personalize, automate, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. Users can choose from a number of ready-made campaigns, each containing combinations of professionally designed and written email drip series, social media posts, ads and more. Clicks, opens, and shares are managed and tracked from within a single dashboard.

Snappy Kraken recently was awarded the 2018 Industry Award in Social Media Leadership, Technology Providers, the only awards program of its kind to honor outstanding achievements by companies and organizations that support financial advisor success.

Snappy Kraken secured an investment at the FinTech exhibition that took place in March 2018 at Barron’s Top Independent Advisor Summit; a prestigious judging panel was provided by ScratchWorks, a FinTech accelerator that connects tech startups with wealth management leaders to advance the digital transformation of the financial services industry. In a prior competition in 2016, Snappy Kraken took first place in the FinTech Startup Competition hosted by the XY Planning Network.

Snappy Kraken is led by industry veteran and advisor marketing consultant Robert Sofia ( Learn more about Snappy Kraken at:

Media Contact: 
Leesy Palmer
Impact Communications

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ciValue Raises $6M To Expand Its Precision Marketing And Supplier Digital Advertising Platform For Retailers

ciValue Raises $6M To Expand Its Precision Marketing And Supplier Digital Advertising Platform For Retailers

ciValue, a disruptive provider of cloud-based Precision Marketing and Supplier Advertising Platforms for Retailers, announced today a $6M Series A investment, led by Nielsen and Sonae IM.

The investment comes at a time when the retail industry is going through rapid transformation. Retailers are facing increasing competition from new players and are looking for ways to increase revenue and customer loyalty. For this reason, they need to have a deep understanding of their customers and to be able to act fast. In this new reality, ciValue offers a unique cloud-based product that powers Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retailers to personalize offers, increase customer engagement, and drive loyalty while driving profitable collaboration with their suppliers. Moreover, the 360-degree view that ciValue provides, creates a win-win-win for retailers, suppliers and customers.

“ciValue has a unique offering for retailers that allows them to transform from one size fits all, suboptimal marketing into a fast-moving, highly precise and effective 1:1 marketing. In addition, we enable retailers to monetize their customer insights and improve their marketing collaboration with suppliers, all in a single integrated SaaS platform,” said Beni Basel, Co-Founder and CEO of ciValue. “We are honored by the confidence that our investors have shown in ciValue and plan to leverage this investment to further accelerate our global expansion.”

“This is an exciting and strategic moment for us. Our relationship with ciValue began in 2014, and it has since proven to be a key ally in a rapidly growing space,” said Julie Currie, SVP of Retail Product Leadership at Nielsen, the leading global measurement and data analytics company. “We look forward to continuing our support of ciValue’s journey as a retail technology pioneer, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty with next-generation personalized offerings.”

“ciValue’s distinctive technology clearly represents a step forward from the services-driven traditional offering in the market, allowing Retailers to be in the driving seat of personalization and precision marketing” said Eduardo Piedadefrom Sonae IM, the investment arm of European retail and telecommunication group Sonae. “We firmly believe that Beni and Gilad’s experience as entrepreneurs, will lead ciValue to success.”

The investment was joined by Emery Investments and several other investors.

About ciValue
ciValue was founded in 2014 by Beni Basel and Gilad Cohen, experienced second-time entrepreneurs and has offices in New YorkParis, and Tel Aviv. The company empowers FMCG retailers to leverage their customer data and insights in a fast, scalable and personalized manner to increase customers’ lifetime value and their share of suppliers’ marketing budget. Leveraging data science and proprietary algorithms, ciValue offers advanced and action-driven customer and category intelligence resulting in same-store revenue uplift.  Up and running within 6-8 weeks, ciValue is a fast time-to-value SaaS product, with the power to create targeted, segmented and personalized offers within hours. It is a unique marketing collaboration tool, transforming retail into an “everybody wins” opportunity for retailers, suppliers and customers.

About Nielsen
Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. Our approach marries proprietary Nielsen data with other data sources to help clients around the world understand what’s happening now, what’s happening next, and how to best act on this knowledge. For more than 90 years Nielsen has provided data and analytics based on scientific rigor and innovation, continually developing new ways to answer the most important questions facing the media, advertising, retail and fast-moving consumer goods industries. An S&P 500 company, Nielsen has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

About Sonae IM
Sonae IM is the technology investment arm of Sonae Group (, a multinational exceeding 6 billion Euros in revenues with core activities in retail and telecommunications. Sonae IM invests in retail and telecommunications technology companies, as well as in cybersecurity. Sonae IM has 20 direct investments, encompassing stakes in companies from early stage to growth stage and stakes in 22 companies through Armilar Venture Partners.

SOURCE ciValue


6sense featured on CNBC List of 100 Promising Start-Ups to Watch

6sense featured on CNBC List of 100 Promising Start-Ups to Watch

6sense announced today that it has been included in CNBC’s list of top 100 startups in the world.

Known as the Upstart 100, this exclusive list of promising young start-ups features a diverse group of companies that are building brands and breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow’s household names.

Companies making this year’s Upstart 100 represent a broad segment of the economy, across nine different countries and 13 U.S. states. Each of the organizations selected is less than five years old.

6sense has carved out a unique position in an extremely crowded B2B marketing technology landscape with the pioneering development of its ABM Orchestration Platform for sales and marketing teams. Built on state-of-the-art AI and Big Data, this comprehensive sales and marketing platform analyzes billions of intent signals across every channel to help marketers predict with a high degree of certainty which accounts are “in-market” and utilize those insights to orchestrate AI-driven, multi-channel tactics.

“We’re extremely thrilled to be featured on the Upstart 100 and recognized by CNBC for being a company worth watching. As the only company in the Martech category on the list, it is a testament to every member of 6sense contributing to our vision of equipping modern B2B sales and marketing teams with a single platform for ABM success,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense.

As the basis for their selection criteria, Upstart 100 analyzed more than 500 nominees. 6sense attracted attention in the following areas:


6sense was noted for its ability to not only meet current customer demand, but on its capacity to rapidly build a workforce capable of scaling while keeping pace with the company’s aggressive growth. 6sense received accolades for its strength in attracting top talent in a highly competitive environment and maintaining outstanding levels of customer satisfaction while rapidly driving net new business.

Sales Growth

6sense is growing at a rate of more than 100% year-over-year across key metrics, including new customer acquisition, revenue and bookings. Driven by more than predictive and intent data, this growth stems from helping customers strategically focus on using that data to orchestrate sales and marketing execution on the ABM platform. Customers using the 6sense platform report faster point of entry into deal cycles, improved sales velocity, higher win rates and increased pipeline.

Intellectual Property and Innovation

A key measure for inclusion into the Upstart 100 concentrated on the organization’s IP and ability to innovate. 6sense’s patented technology focuses on time-based intent modeling, allowing customers to answer a critical question traditional segmentation analytics cannot: “Which companies are in-market to buy my products and when?” The ability to predict for timing differentiates 6sense from competitors in the ABM space.

About 6sense

6sense’s mission is to empower marketing and sales teams with 100 percent visibility into buyers; who they are, needs and timing. 6sense provides marketers with omni-channel connectivity and visibility from brand to demand to revenue. 6sense’s patent-protected predictions power all downstream sales and marketing systems with intelligence on who is in an active buying cycle, what products, when they will buy and where they are in the buyer’s journey. 6sense enables intelligent growth resulting in new pipeline, higher marketing to sales conversions, larger opportunity size and increased sales productivity and effectiveness with teams focusing on the right buyers with a need now.

PR Contact:
Latané Conant,

SOURCE 6sense
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Point & Place AR Shopping Platform Adds Face Tracking With 'AR Wearables'

Point & Place AR Shopping Platform Adds Face Tracking With ‘AR Wearables’

EyeKandy, the global leader in A-Commerce for retailers and brands, today announced the addition of ‘AR Wearables’ to the Point & Place® AR platform.

State of the art facial tracking technology dynamically adjusts the selected product, such as headphones, or glasses, to fit the specific head size of the shopper, allowing brands and retailers to enable the shopper to try on wearable products as part of the shopper pathway. The upgrade will be made available to all retailers connected to the Point and Place platform without cost.

“This is not a one size fits all feature rollout,” commented Joe Golden Creative Director of eyekandy. “This is state of the art, cutting edge technology, deployed for the first time in mainstream retail. The Wearables technology allows the forward facing camera on the shopper’s phone to see the specific dimensions of their face and then place, for example, a pair of headphones onto their head. It will dynamically adjust based on each person’s specific head size; it’s not just a static, one size model.

“We are seeing shoppers want to share the AR experiences with friends and family to get feedback as part of the purchasing process, so we made it easy for them to place products on their head, take a picture and send it to friends to get feedback. It’s engaging, its fast, it’s impactful, and it reduces the ‘Imagination Gap’ for the shopper.”

JBL, part of HARMAN International a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, was chosen as the launch partner for the Headphone category as they are a high profile, mainstream, highly stocked product line for the global retailers connected to the Point & Place AR Shopping Platform.

Dave Seedorf, Digital Marketing Manager EMEA at Harmon International added; “We were delighted to be invited to support this initiative as the launch partner, as we love to innovate our Digital Marketing activities continuously. We are convinced that the technology, deployed in this way, will be a fun, educational and personal experience for the shopper. That can only be a good thing.”

Point & Place: AR Wearables – Watch the Ad here

About EyeKandy

Founded in 2016, in London, United KingdomEyekandy is a global leader in the innovation, curation, and deployment of Augmented Reality Experiences for Commerce. The ‘Point & Place’ Augmented Reality Shopping Platform has been adopted by hundreds of retailers, in fifteen native languages, in over forty countries and leads the way in omnichannel AR Shopping for Retailers and Brands.

Point & Place is the world’s most popular AR Shopping Platform, counting almost 300 retailers live, across 45 countries and offers an ‘Instant On’ for retailers to offer AR shopping. With a portfolio of over a thousand, high quality, AR product models, across fifteen product categories including; Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Furniture and more Eyekandy have democratised AR Shopping in retail for the many, not just the few.

For more information, please visit

Media contacts:

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SOURCE URl :–place-ar-shopping-platform-adds-face-tracking-with-ar-wearables-300729913.html

Amplero Named a Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing by Gartner

Amplero Named a Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing by Gartner

Amplero, the AI Marketing Hub that allows marketers to build lasting customer relationships at a scale not humanly possible, today announced that it has been recognized as a Cool Vendor based on the October 1, 2018 report titled, “Cool Vendors in AI for Marketing” by Andrew Frank, Mike McGuire, Bryan Yeager, Benjamin Bloom at Gartner, Inc. This is Gartner’s first research report focused on interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services in AI for marketing. Gartner’s report points out that “AI’s capacity to transform marketing is obscured by a fog of hype, but the breakthroughs are real. Marketing technology leaders need to engage in AI initiatives or risk being blindsided by disruptive AI-enabled competition.”

Amplero was founded in 2016 with the mission of helping brands build stronger, long-lasting relationships with their customers by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to orchestrate relevant interactions across all communication channels, addressing scale and complexity that cannot be accomplished using traditional marketing tools and processes.

“It is an honor to recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing,” said Jamie Miller, CEO of Amplero. “Our company has measurable, real impact that is seen each day by our customers in the retail, mobile, and banking industries. Our customers validate the value we bring them, but it’s especially exciting to have respected industry analysts tell us we stand out in the B2C martech crowd: that we are doing something unique.”

Amplero aims to eliminate the bottlenecks that form with traditional rules-based marketing tools and processes.

Amplero helps brand build lasting relationships at a scale not humanly possible. Amplero AI Marketing technology experiments, learns and optimizes each interaction as customer relationships evolve. The result: meaningful, relevant interactions that make each customer feel known and understood, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive business results – all while keeping the marketer firmly in control.

The information in the report is of value to CMOs and marketing professionals who wish to activate their customer data and scale marketing and optimization programs that yield positive business outcomes.

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in our research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Amplero

Amplero lets brands be human again.

Despite the exponential growth of customer data, major brands still fail to understand individual consumers. Moments of interaction on the phone, in the app, or at the store, don’t connect. Each channel of communication is driven by its own data and automation rules.

But where humans and existing marketing systems are overwhelmed, artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) thrives. Amplero enables consumer brands to build lasting relationships at a scale not humanly possible. No more mindless automation. No more fragmented interactions. No more feeling misunderstood.

As a recognized leader in the AIM category, Amplero was named to the “Top 5 Most-Promising AI Startups” by VentureBeat and “CB Insights AI 100” featured in Fortune Magazine. Amplero founder and Chief Scientist Olly Downs, PhD, holds 35 patents in machine learning and computational mathematics.

To learn more about how the future is human, contact us or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

SOURCE Amplero
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Women in Retail Leadership Circle Partners With Marketing Technology Management Platform CabinetM

Women in Retail Leadership Circle Partners With Marketing Technology Management Platform CabinetM

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC), a members-only association offering enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow both personally and professionally, today announced its partnership with CabinetM, a platform that helps companies manage the marketing technology they have as well as find the technology they need.

CabinetM’s platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management. With CabinetM, marketers and marketing teams can collaborate around tracking and managing the detail of their organization’s use of technology, and then work to optimize their technology stacks to ensure that revenue, customer lifetime value, and customer cost of acquisition goals are met.

“We’re so excited to introduce our sophisticated retail members to CabinetM,” says Melissa Campanelli, co-founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle. “We know they’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their technology stacks, and CabinetM lets them do just that, along with helping them reduce technology spend, eliminate redundant technology efforts, and collaborate on technology along the way.”

CabinetM has created a unique Community Platform for the Women in Retail Leadership Circle community to provide members with a way to track and share information about the marketing technology that they use. In addition to giving each member the ability to track and manage the tools that they’re using, the WIRLC Community Platform will foster and promote peer exchanges regarding technology, providing a valuable way for members to define and qualify the adoption of new technology.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Women in Retail Leadership Circle to facilitate peer sharing around marketing technology usage and performance,” says Sheryl Schultz, COO, CabinetM. “Retail organizations, and B-to-C organizations in general, continue to allocate more and more of their marketing budgets to technology for customer acquisition, retention and engagement. By sharing information about what works in that environment, and what doesn’t, WIRLC members will have a leg up when it comes to effectively making technology buying decisions for their environments.”

For more information about joining the Women in Retail Leadership Circle, please go to

About Women in Retail Leadership Circle/CabinetM 
Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC)
 is a unique, members-only networking group that offers enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow. Our community is comprised of successful, motivated and passionate women from the retail world. WIRLC strives to continuously offer members the opportunity to share best practices, discuss industry issues, and find inspiration on how to conquer challenges in their professional lives through virtual and live events, a weekly e-newsletter, an information-packed website, social media content, and more. Learn more at

CabinetM helps modern marketing teams build, manage and optimize their marketing technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations. Learn more at

Contact: Julia, 215-238-5393

SOURCE Women in Retail Leadership Circle
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Demandforce and iMatrix Announce Partnership, Create New Web Presence Product Bundles For Practice-Based Businesses

Demandforce and iMatrix Announce Partnership, Create New Web Presence Product Bundles For Practice-Based Businesses

Demandforce and iMatrix, two leading providers of online marketing solutions for optometrists, chiropractors and veterinarians, today announced a partnership that combines offerings from each brand into new product bundles, enabling practices to efficiently create, build, and maintain their online presences in one place.

The new product bundles combine powerful marketing automation and communication software from Demandforce with professional, mobile-responsive websites from iMatrix.

In addition to increasing efficiency by consolidating online marketing and website administration tools, the Demandforce/iMatrix product bundles provide practices with features including:

  • A customized, mobile-responsive website designed to boost search engine rankings and provide valuable content to practices’ current and prospective clients.
  • Review management tools that enable practices to take control of their online narrative by monitoring popular review and social media websites.
  • Easy maintenance of business listings across multiple third-party websites.
  • Communication tools designed to regularly engage with clients via text, phone, and email to help practices nurture grow their business.
  • A simple dashboard to manage all tools in one place

The new Demandforce/iMatrix product bundles are available to optometrists, chiropractors and veterinarians immediately.

About The Companies

Based in San FranciscoDemandforce®  offers cloud-based software that allows businesses to connect more efficiently with clients by optimizing how they market and communicate. The company’s communication, reputation, and networking tools form a powerful web-based application that seamlessly integrates with client workflow systems.

Since 2002, iMatrix™ has cut through online marketing clutter by providing solutions that are precisely tailored to specific areas of practice, strategically focusing on niche markets such as the chiropractic, veterinary, and eye care industries. This allows the company to properly address the needs and concerns of businesses in these fields and for its clients to reap the benefits of its signature tailored approach.

Both Demandforce and iMatrix are divisions of Internet Brands®.

SOURCE Demandforce; iMatrix

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Unite Private Networks Deploys Connected2Fiber to Increase Deal Participation

Unite Private Networks Deploys Connected2Fiber to Increase Deal Participation

Connected2Fiber, the leading growth platform for connectivity companies, announces today that Unite Private Networks (UPN) has signed an agreement to implement The Connected Worldsolution. UPN has purchased Building List Manager, an automated software module for creating and distributing on-net and near-net building lists, to drive market participation.

UPN, a leading provider of high-capacity, fiber-based communication networks, recently rolled out a new MetroE product targeting  Wireline Carriers and Service Providers. The Carrier Wireline product was developed to assist carrier customers expand their metro ethernet coverage and reach more customers. Connected2Fiber’s Building List Manager will organize and communicate UPN’s connectivity footprint to these customers more efficiently and effectively.

According to Jason Adkins, President of Unite Private Networks, “UPN’s Metro Ethernet Rings connect data centers and Enterprise locations throughout the Central US. As our footprint continually grows, Connected2Fiber provides an easy way to format and distribute data to all of our Carrier customers seamlessly.”

“We welcome UPN to our platform and look forward to helping them drive participation in the market,” states Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “Every time a network such as UPN builds a new route or increases infrastructure, they add tremendous value to the ecosystem. Our platform ensures these changes are effectively communicated to all of their carriers and partners.”

About Connected2Fiber 
Connected2Fiber empowers network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, accelerating leads through the funnel, and unleashing growth. Connected2Fiber’s visual interface allows sales teams and B2B marketers to target the best locations with the full perspective of serviceability, demand and competitive dynamics. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of their sales and marketing technology stack, B2B marketers gain critical insights to better allocate their marketing resources and increase participation with their prospects in The Connected World. Visit Connected2Fiber on the web at or follow us on Twitter @connected2fiber.

PR Contact: Antoinette Poirier
(508) 202-1807

About Unite Private Networks
Unite Private Networks provides high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and services to schools, governments, carriers, data centers, hospitals, and enterprise business customers across a 20-state service area. Service offerings include dark and lit fiber, private line, metro-optical Ethernet, Internet access, data center services, and other customized solutions. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, UPN has been providing customer focused communications solutions since 1998. For more information on Unite Private Networks, please visit

PR Contact: Brandi Tubb 
(816) 903-9400

SOURCE Connected2Fiber
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FleishmanHillard and Wibbitz Bring AI-based Video Solutions to the Communications Industry

FleishmanHillard and Wibbitz Bring AI-based Video Solutions to the Communications Industry

FleishmanHillard and Wibbitz today announced a collaboration to develop AI-powered video services and expertise for the communications industry and its clients. The relationship leverages Wibbitz’s AI-based video creation platform and FleishmanHillard’s expertise in reaching and communicating with audiences in an impactful way.

FleishmanHillard’s technology sector and social and innovation practice teams are already exploring key areas in AI-powered video with Wibbitz, developing solutions to help clients:

  • Create customized video in real time that connects with micro-communities.
  • Develop bespoke content for media and influencers that can quickly and visually communicate a story.
  • Produce professional, mobile-friendly video news releases without expensive equipment or video expertise.
  • Explore new areas, such as personalized video, for employee communications.

“Leading publishing companies have been utilizing Wibbitz for the past few years and we’re ready to bring the solution to a new industry,” said Zohar Dayan, Wibbitz CEO & Co-founder. “Our technology allows content creators to quickly and easily produce videos at a remarkably low cost. Our work with FleishmanHillard will help companies take our technology and experiment with new ways to tell their stories in a nimble and groundbreaking way.”

FleishmanHillard and Wibbitz are currently testing joint implementations of the platform, and have plans to roll it out globally. As part of the multifaceted partnership, the agency is working with Wibbitz to develop new types of automated distribution services to help clients reach audiences and micro-communities more efficiently and effectively.

“Our goal is to look around corners and innovate for the future of the media and communications industry,” said Ephraim Cohen, senior vice president and senior partner, general manager for FleishmanHillard’s New York office. “By working with Wibbitz to develop future video tools and services, we can ensure we are delivering cutting edge programs for our clients. The Wibbitz partnership allows us to develop an AI-powered tool to help any communications professional deliver high-quality, customized video at scale.”

Learn more about how AI is infiltrating our world in FleishmanHillard’s new industry report, Artificial Intelligence & Communications, The Fads. The Fears. The Future., with research from FleishmanHillard TRUE Global Intelligence.

About FleishmanHillard
FleishmanHillard specializes in public relations, reputation management, public affairs, brand marketing, digital strategy, social engagement and content strategy. FleishmanHillard was named Agency of the Year at the 2017 North American Excellence Awards; 2017 ICCO Network of the Year for the Americas and EMEA; PRWeek’s Best Places to Work 2017; PR News’ Best Places to Work in PR 2016-2017; Human Rights Campaign Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality for 2018; PR Awards Asia 2017 Greater China Agency of the Year; and NAFE’s “Top 50 Companies for Executive Women” for 2010-2018. The firm’s award-winning work is widely heralded, including at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. FleishmanHillard is part of Omnicom Public Relations Group, and has more than 80 offices in 30 countries, plus affiliates in 43 countries.

About Omnicom Public Relations Group
Omnicom Public Relations Group is a global collective of three of the top global public relations agencies worldwide and specialist agencies in areas including public affairs, marketing to women, fashion, global health strategy and corporate social responsibility. It encompasses more than 6,000 public relations professionals in more than 330 offices worldwide who provide their expertise to companies, government agencies, NGOs and nonprofits across a wide range of industries. Omnicom Public Relations Group is part of the DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc., that includes more than 200 companies in a wide range of marketing disciplines including advertising, public relations, healthcare, customer relationship management, events, promotional marketing, branding and research.

About Wibbitz
Wibbitz is an automated video creation platform that empowers professional storytellers at the world’s leading publishers, brands, and agencies. The platform leverages patented AI technology to simplify video production processes, helping content creators quickly and easily produce beautiful videos for every platform and channel. Creators have access to personalized video templates, intuitive editing tools, a team of in-house experts, and millions of licensed photos, videos, and soundtracks to ensure that each video captures their unique brand voice. Wibbitz supports video creation for over 600 partners, including Bloomberg, The Weather Channel, Reuters, A&E, TripAdvisor, and Birchbox. Wibbitz was founded in 2011 and has offices in New York CityTel AvivParis, and London. For more information, visit and follow @wibbitz.

SOURCE FleishmanHillard
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The 4A's Innovates Its Approach to Events, Driving Tangible Actions Across The Marketing Industry

The 4A’s Innovates Its Approach to Events, Driving Tangible Actions Across The Marketing Industry

The 4A’s, the leading trade organization of marketing communications agencies, is innovating its approach to conferences, focusing on events that address urgent issues with tangible actions, drilling-down on industry challenges to better meet the realities and needs of its members in real time. To mark the shift towards action-oriented events, the 4A’s will forgo hosting its industry-wide spring conference in 2019, and will instead host an inaugural Decisions 20/20 forum, on March 25-26, 2019 in Washington D.C.  In addition, due to its popularity, the 4A’s will expand its annual Management Practitioners’ Forum (MPF) to become a standalone event, taking place on April 29-30, 2019 at the W Downtown in Chicago.

“The marketing industry is facing real challenges to its growth and creativity,” said Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, 4A’s. “It’s no longer enough to discuss these challenges, it’s time we identify actionable approaches to solve them. Our new approach to conferences and events will allow the industry to re-activate the right conversations and identify solution sets to ensure collaborative, transparent relationships, allowing the industry to thrive well past 2020.”

Decisions 20/20 is designed to address pressing industry issues around the intersection of data & media and technology & privacy concerns. By focusing on what’s driving the pace of change, including technology, social platforms and advances in data, Decisions 20/20 will bring the industry together to foster more trustworthy and transparent relationships that result in business growth. Given the public debate around these related issues, Washington D.C.makes the ideal venue for this forum.

The Decisions 20/20 sessions will be organized around critical keynote addresses, debate-oriented panels and smaller breakout sessions designed to leverage live learning and sharing across two days, leaving attendees with an industry action-plan.

In addition to Decisions 20/20, the 4A’s will host its annual MPF, originally an off-shoot of larger 4A’s conferences, MPF will, for the first time, function as a stand-alone event, a result of its increasing popularity among 4A’s members. MPF will feature speakers who share practical solutions, all in a forum environment that’s closed to press, allowing for off-the-record conversations and open discussion. During the forum, agency entrepreneurs will share guidance, proven solutions and suggestions on topics that challenge agency leaders in their day­-to­-day operations.

MPF is created for an audience of action-minded entrepreneurs, agency operations management and principals who should expect to hear concrete suggestions and actionable advice to help agencies evolve and improve their business effectiveness.

The MPF 2019 program content elevates discussion of topics that are relevant to agency leaders including:

  • The Future of Marketing
  • The Talent Imperative
  • The Client Point-of-View: What Clients Want & Need
  • The Competitive Landscape
  • Agency Value Creation—Driving Growth
  • Punching Above Your Weight
  • Getting Paid What You are Worth

Through Decisions 20/20 and MPF, the 4A’s will bring together speakers from across the business community who can speak to the massive shifts within the industry. Details on these notable speakers will begin early next month.

About the 4A’s

Founded in 1917, the 4A’s was established to promote, advance and defend the interests of our member agencies, their employees and the industry at large. The organization serves 700+ member agencies across 1,300 offices, which control more than 85% of total U.S. advertising spend. As the leading trade organization for marketing communication agencies, the 4A’s purpose is to help empower its members to deliver insightful creativity that drives commerce and influences culture, all while moving the industry forward. The organization provides community, leadership, advocacy, guidance and best-in-class training that help enable agencies to innovate, evolve and grow. The 4A’s Benefits division insures more than 160,000 employees, and its D.C. office advocates for policies that best support a thriving advertising industry. The 4A’s Foundation fuels a robust diversity pipeline of talent for its members and the marketing and media industry, fostering the next generation of leaders. The organization is dedicated to, and vested in, our members’ success just as they are dedicated to helping brands create, distribute, and measure effective and insightful advertising and marketing. Visit the 4A’s at

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