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Channel Management Technology Leader Impartner Revolutionizes PX

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SMBs and emerging companies to benefit first from transformative Impartner PX PartnerExperience, a lightning-fast, modern, consumerized interface designed from ground up to delight partners and accelerate channel revenue 

Seventy-eight percent of Impartner customers say the company’s PRM solutions give them a strategic competitive advantage; Impartner PX takes it to the next level

Long the PRM choice of top enterprise and mid-sized companies, Impartner’s increasing focus on SMB ensures the company has solutions focused on helping companies grow and scale their channel, regardless of company size

Impartner, the global pure-play leader in SaaS-based channel management and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology, today announced Impartner PX PartnerExperience — a sleek, revolutionary PRM interface built from the ground up for partners. Impartner PX puts the business enablement data partners need to manage their pipeline and grow their business front and center, eliminating the need for them to dig through marketing-driven websites to find information.

With Impartner PX, vendors can instantly configure partner experiences using Impartner PXStudio, a robust suite of “opinionated” drag-and-drop, widget-based tools that capture best practices honed in thousands of real-world settings in some of the most demanding industries, including high-tech, cyber security, telecom, manufacturing and more. Impartner’s new PX interface is available immediately in the company’s Emerge and Ignite packages for SMBs and emerging companies, and will extend to the company’s complete set of packages for corporations of all sizes later in the year — from the smallest to the largest of enterprises.

“People want to partner with businesses and vendors that are on the leading edge, and Impartner PX, with its modern, fresh look and intuitive design helps vendors prioritize information partners want most so they can avoid digging through layers of website content,” said Impartner Vice President of Product Gary Sabin. “This innovation is 100 percent focused on simplifying the creation of partner experiences that are a strategic competitive advantage for vendors wanting to attract, retain and optimize best partners and time to value.”

Emerging companies and SMBs the first focus

Impartner PX is available immediately for both its Emerge and Ignite packages focused on SMBs and emerging companies, which is timely given that 75 percent have increased their technology budgets by an average of 34 percent as a key part of their strategy to survive COVID.

Specifically, Impartner PX features the following benefits:

  • For partners:
    • Industry’s freshest, most modern and intuitive partner interface
    • Clean, simplified views of the data that matters most without having to sort through non-relevant information for leads, program status, MDF allocations, training requirements and more.
    • Pipeline management with Pipeline Manager, a new CRM-like experience that acts as a customer database to manage and track leads, build a sustainable sales pipeline and more. Those using Impartner’s Through Channel Marketing Solutions can automatically import data into their Impartner TCMA solution to generate and manage automated marketing campaigns.
  • For vendors
    • Unrivaled flexibility and agility to speed time to market, scale and embrace best practices with PXStudio. PXStudio leverages “opinionated” engineering design principles that capture best practices and offer up customized configurations field tested in thousands of real-world settings for programs with just a few partners or hundreds of thousands of partners worldwide.
    • Customizable partner experiences using Impartner’s new PXStudio Widgets. These extensible, drag-and-droppable functions make it easy to customize dashboards for different partners no matter their company type, geography, business model, technological specialty or level of engagement.
    • Easily adjustable partner experiences that are 100 percent configurable by channel teams without turning to their vendor or taxing internal IT departments

A continuing stream of market-leading innovation

The introduction of Impartner PX is one of a continuing stream of innovations from Impartner’s Channel Innovation Labs, which employs product managers, plus UI and UX experts and engineers worldwide. The Channel Innovation Labs has helped Impartner become the fastest growing, most award-winning channel management technology provider worldwide. Among other honors, Impartner is recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Partner Relationship Management, Q4 2020, and as a global leader for both PRM and Channel Marketing and Enablement by analyst firm Research in Action. Recent groundbreaking solutions include Journey Builder, which helps companies choreograph the perfect partner journey, and Program Compliance Manager, which helps solve the No. 2 problem facing channel chiefs — managing program compliance.

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