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Chatbots Are the Latest Trend in Content Marketing

ContentWriters releases new study highlighting the growing need for companies to invest in marketing automation through chatbots and content.

Chatbots are at the forefront of marketing automation.

In their latest white paper, ContentWriters explores the relationship between chatbots, customer service, and the future of content marketing.

The study, published in February of 2019, details how the marketing industry is shifting towards chatbot technology in order to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Banking, finance, securities, insurance, and retail are just a few of the selected industries that the white paper focuses on to illustrate how marketing automation is trending upward.

“Companies are beginning to realize the value of being able to respond to customers instantaneously, right at the point where they’re most interested,” notes Andrew Meisel, a business development representative with ContentWriters. “Having the ability to communicate with customers in real time provides a huge boost to conversions.”

With so many companies utilizing chatbots, the need for content is greater now than at any point. A poor content strategy can do damage by misrepresenting a company’s branding through its customer service portal.

Chatbots often represent the primary point of contact for many companies. Producing content for chatbots and marketing automation is crucial for brand recognition and messaging.

Marketing automation of the future will evolve from functioning as personal shoppers and customer service representatives to content marketers providing an outstanding brand experience.

About content writers:
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