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Click2Mail unveils revolutionary CRM Hub


Click2Mail, the leading provider of cloud-based physical mail solutions, today unveiled its groundbreaking CRM Hub, empowering businesses to seamlessly integrate physical mail into their automated marketing workflows. This revolutionary integration eliminates manual processes and streamlines communication, delivering personalized, high-impact mail at scale.

Eliminating Pain Points, Unlocking Opportunities:

With the CRM Hub, Click2Mail bridges the gap between digital and physical marketing channels, addressing a long-standing pain point for businesses struggling to streamline physical mail within their marketing automation ecosystem. This innovative solution integrates directly with leading CRMs like Salesforce, Citrix Podio, and Follow-Up Boss, enabling users to:

  • Trigger personalized mail sends directly from their CRM: Design and send targeted mail campaigns triggered by specific customer actions or data points within their CRM, driving personalized engagement at key moments in the customer journey.
  • Automate manual processes: Eliminate time-consuming tasks like manually importing data and printing addresses. Click2Mail automates everything, from data integration to postage, ensuring efficiency.
  • Gain valuable insights: Track mail campaign performance directly within their CRM, gaining crucial insights into campaign effectiveness and optimizing future efforts for maximum impact.
  • Strengthen customer relationships: Deliver high-touch, tangible experiences that resonate with customers and forge deeper connections, fostering brand loyalty and driving results.


“Click2Mail’s CRM Hub represents a notable leap forward in marketing automation,” stated Lee Garvey, CEO of Click2Mail. “We’re thrilled to empower marketers at all levels to leverage the power of physical mail within their automated campaigns driving truly differentiated customer experiences.”

Michael Giraldo, Process Implementer at BlackSheepGlobal, shared his experience: “Click2Mail’s CRM Hub has been a game-changer for our delinquency mailings. By automating this process, clients save valuable time and can focus on growing their business. As consultants, our goal is to eliminate busy work for clients, and Click2Mail’s solution has been instrumental in achieving that.”

Availability and Pricing:

Click2Mail’s CRM Hub is available immediately as part of Click2Mail’s comprehensive suite of software applications for sending mail. To learn more and experience the power of automated physical mail marketing, visit

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