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Cogito, Fortune 25 Telecom Provider grow long-standing relationship

Multi-year agreement underscores the value of Cogito’s real-time AI in guiding contact center agents to better connect with customers, achieve greater well-being, and increase revenue

Cogito, the leader in real-time AI guidance and coaching for the enterprise, today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement to continue its collaboration with a Fortune 25 telecommunications (telecom) provider. The extended relationship supports 30,000+ frontline contact center agents with Cogito’s real-time AI guidance and coaching to manage complex customer interactions, bolster operational insights, and elevate customer and employee experiences.

Since beginning its relationship in 2019, Cogito has helped the organization continuously scale to become one of the largest U.S. telecom providers, achieving significant ROI. Through Cogito’s AI being fully integrated into the company’s CRM system, the organization has reduced operational metrics like average handle time (AHT), alongside elevating customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). Additionally, Cogito’s real-time agent assist technology has helped the organization increase its revenue through enabling agents to go beyond providing service to effectively seize sales opportunities.

This extension builds on Cogito deepening its relationship with the Fortune 25 telecom provider in 2023 through the integration of the company’s freshly developed Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) API interface. Tailored to accommodate multiple lines of business, this unified interface efficiently streamlines business operations, enhances team collaboration, and strengthens security measures for the organization.

“It’s imperative for telecom providers to find new ways to innovate and diversify their business to stand out in a crowded marketplace, while still providing excellent levels of customer service. We’re honored that this organization has chosen us as a lasting, trusted partner that has proven we can help do just that,” said Mark Theall, SVP Growth, Cogito. “Cogito’s technology helps enrich contact center interactions and strengthen customer bonds while optimizing workflows for an unmatched competitive edge. We’re excited to help this organization reach its next level of growth.”

A recent Cogito survey found that nearly half of surveyed consumers prefer speaking to a real human for customer service but are comfortable if AI is utilized in the background. Cogito keeps a human agent front-and-center during the customer interaction to enhance connections. While behind the scenes, the use of Emotion, Conversation, and Generative AI offers contextually appropriate AI cues to empower and lead the agent to better outcomes. This includes navigating complex situations like emotionally charged customer interactions, compliance in highly regulated industries, and capitalizing on sales opportunities.

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