Commerce Platform Skai Announces Partnership with Snowflake

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Today, leading commerce intelligence platform Skai launches its partnership with Snowflake, a Data Cloud company. Initially, Skai’s unique market intelligence data will be available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace, giving brands that use Snowflake immediate access to some of Skai’s most popular insights to guide timely, accurate decision-making. Over the coming months, the company plans to expand access to further datasets, underscoring its commitment to helping data, analytics and marketing teams leverage critical insights for a competitive edge in ecommerce.

The Skai platform enables brands to predict, measure and analyze consumers, competitors and markets by augmenting data that was previously disconnected or unavailable. Using Skai data, brands can proactively shift strategies, understand the impact of media spend, grow brand and product equity, shift budget to relevant commerce channels and find new audiences. At present, the partnership includes three data listings available for analysis: Most Viewed Ecommerce ProductsConsumer Sentiment, and Share of Ecommerce Shelf Life for Specific Product Claims. Most Viewed Ecommerce Products allows users to identify which products in their category have received the most reviews over the past month, while Consumer Sentiment looks at social chatter from the past six months to reveal consumers’ opinions on products. Finally, Share of Ecommerce Shelf Life for Specific Product Claims highlights which attributes are most dominant and have the most staying power on ecommerce sites. Layered with a brand’s internal data, Skai customers have demonstrated that these particular views are powerful variables for consideration in making e-commerce decisions around product portfolios, competitive positioning, inventory management, ad creative and more.

In its work with household name consumer brands, Skai has found that the right intelligence based on a comprehensive data foundation can improve decision-making accuracy from 25% to 97%, wildly improving ecommerce outcomes. Whereas other consumer intelligence providers rely on a single or few data feeds from specific categories, such as social listening or credit card data, the Skai intelligence platform connects and contextualizes tens of thousands simultaneously, offering a comprehensive vantage point unparalleled in breadth. By employing powerful machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to extract meaningful, actionable insights about a consumer or market segment, Skai intelligence also surfaces granular insights such as consumers’ opinions of a particular skincare attribute or ingredient.

“Snowflake and Skai share the belief that the smartest decisions are founded on data—and often, access and integrity are hurdles in the way,” says Kobi Gershoni, Vice President of Data Partnerships at Skai. “The goal for consumer brands is to exploit today’s digital opportunities and dominate e-commerce with connected intel. No longer can they afford long waits, stale data, or overwhelming expenses from static, outsourced insights—intelligence today is about agility. We want to make access to Skai data a non-issue, whether they’re working with us directly or relying on Snowflake, so they can get down to the business of meeting customer needs and demand.

“We developed the Snowflake Data Marketplace with the goal of giving companies access to meaningful data at scale, all without compromising on privacy or security. Layering in Skai’s data assets will level up our marketplace even further, giving Snowflake’s customers the ability to leverage critical market intelligence for a competitive edge in e-commerce,” adds Adrian Bolosan, Industry Principal, Media & Entertainment, Snowflake.

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