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Community welcomes you to three new premium media brands

The new Community partners are A + E Networks, AMC Networks and Cheddar
Community les da la bienvenida a tres nuevas marcas prémium de medios de comunicación

Community, with Xandr technology, is a select online marketplace of advertising companies that allows advertisers to reach their audience at scale in a premium video environment, with protected privacy and brand security. Media brands such as  A + E Networks, AMC Networks and Cheddar are based on Community’s initial partners, including from WarnerMedia to CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, B / R Live, Otter Media and Warner Bros. , as well as VICE, Hearst Magazines, Newsy, Philo, Tubi and Xumo.

Community is formed thanks to the powerful Xandr technology and consumer perception, which allows buyers and sellers to achieve better business results. This new online market is the first step towards the future convergence of linear and digital television.

“In essence, Community is about helping our content partners succeed in achieving the best value for their premium content,” said Brian Lesser, CEO of Xandr. “If we gather all this great content backed by sophisticated consumer analysis and incredible technology, Community is able to provide a better solution for advertisers and a better experience for consumers.”

Community offers advertisers access to premium content at scale through multi-vendor agreements, while giving advertising companies a way to increase the value of their inventory and improve monetization.

It is increasingly common for advertisers to seek to connect with those audiences that are difficult to reach such as those for digital video and television coverage. To collaborate with advertisers to reach audiences through the screens, Xandr’s solution targeting those on the other side of the screen is now integrated into Community, allowing them to combine the power of the television oriented with the precision and scale of the digital.

If you take advantage of the valuable perception of the first part of AT&T from 170 million direct relationships with the consumer with protected privacy, Community allows advertisers to reach audiences based on intention, interest and lifestyle. These perceptions allow advertisers to improve the effectiveness of their media purchases by measuring the strength of the brand and managing frequency limits.

Xandr is a leader in advanced TV solutions *, and through Community, it will be able to boost more publicity relevant to brands, while helping networks optimize performance more efficiently through linear live television inventory or through playback on deferred and according to demand.

Words from the partners
“AT&T has been a great partner of Cheddar for years, which led Cheddar to DIRECTV, DirecTV NOW and U-verse,” said Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of Cheddar. “An important volume of our audience exists in the hands of free streaming devices connected to television. We are excited to join the Community online marketplace with Xandr technology, which will help achieve greater reach (and value) of our television and video inventory while connecting with more advertisers within a premium brand security environment. ” .

About Xandr
Xandr works to create a better solution for advertisers and advertising companies that allows them to find and reach specific audiences at scale in trusted environments with premium content. As the current leader in advanced television advertising with one of the best technology platforms, AppNexus, we help advertisers communicate the message right, at the right time, and practically on all devices. We consolidate based on a tradition of responsible use of data. For more than 143 years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the experience of its customers.

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