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Consumer Insights Platform Digsite Launches Automated Dashboard

Digsite's new SmartDashboard and PowerPoint reporting capabilities make it easier than ever before for consumer insights teams to share market research findings and make rapid decisions.
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Digsite, a leading consumer insights platform, announced today the launch of its enhanced SmartDashboard and PowerPoint reporting capabilities. These new capabilities deliver more flexibility and faster reporting for research studies that include both qualitative and quantitative data.

Digsite’s SmartDashboard combines traditional charts and graphs with featured open-ended responses from automated video transcripts, text analytics, and natural language processing. Teams can segment participant responses and drill into sentiment and keywords to understand the context of open-ended responses. Digsite’s state-of-the-art technology allows researchers to add titles, reorder charts, and more to build their own custom report – making it easier than ever before to share market research findings and make rapid decisions.

“Digsite has taken another big leap forward in helping research teams save time and resources. Building rapid reports that combine qual and quant data hasn’t been easy, until now,” said Digsite CEO and Co-founder Monika Wingate.

Digsite’s reporting suite captures the most valuable learning, incorporates team input, and creates visually compelling reports that are downloadable in multiple formats including PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel. Marketers, researchers, and innovation teams can see results in real-time and deliver key insights about their target audience.

“The top need for consumer insights professionals is to speed up decision making. Our proprietary SmartDashboard and PowerPoint reporting capabilities make this possible,” said Wingate.

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