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Consumerism phase shift amidst COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has slowly and steadily engulfed the entire economy in its grasp. Even though the Easter marketing for many might have gone for a toss. There is a brighter side to cracking the outbreak and escaping its lull through a power pact marketing strategy through the analysis.

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As we have seen from the above infographic, instead of halting and slowing down the marketing endeavors we just need to change the direction of marketing. We have to analyze the data in place and see what is working. Most of all this is the best time to tune into blue tone marketing. Rip the band-aid out from your static FAQs and reputation management. This is the time to give your marketing the due that it deserved. After all, marketing is all about strategizing the usage and popularity of your service and product under a wide range of circumstances and a pandemic is one of them.



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