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Content generation platform Cohley Partner with Klaviyo

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Content generation platform Cohley announced its partnership with Klaviyo, the leading marketing automation and email platform that powers growth for online businesses.

On average almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, making automated abandoned cart messaging one of the most essential features to have active when running an ecommerce store. Klaviyo stores are seeing 10% or more of their total revenue come from Abandoned Cart flows, proving the power of a well-crafted and well-timed follow-up. However, the actual content within the emails is usually auto-pulled directly from a product page, oftentimes a product photo against a white background. With the partnership in place, brands will be able to test a variety of engaging content in cart abandonment emails, comparing performance of lifestyle photos, product shots, user-generated content, and more.
By combining Cohley’s content generation capabilities with Klaviyo’s cart abandonment email flows, the partnership will provide brands and agencies with the tools necessary to test more creative assets within emails and produce actionable data. The partnership comes at a crucial time, as ecommerce is top of mind for a majority of businesses and the need for testing content in marketing emails is at an all time high.

“This partnership is going to provide tremendous value to our shared clients,” says Erik Graber, Co-founder & Head of Product at Cohley. “The ability to A/B test diverse content at scale in cart abandonment emails will be hugely impactful as brands work toward increasing conversions along the buyer’s journey.”

“At Klaviyo, we enable our clients to deliver personalized experiences at scale across email and other owned channels,” says Rich Gardner, Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo. “By partnering with Cohley, we are helping brands make informed, data-driven marketing decisions that result in more conversions and stronger customer relationships.”

This new partnership will include:

  • A software integration that automates the testing process by randomly selecting from an assortment of SKU-tagged photos. Additionally, the integration will read performance data to identify top performing photos and help brands understand what type of content performs best. This will lead to better testing, better click-through-rates, and higher conversion rates.
  • Cohley clients gain a new and effective channel through which to activate content. Likewise, Klaviyo clients get access to thousands of brand-owned photos and videos to facilitate better testing.
  • Compatibility with ecommerce platforms like Shopify saves brands time and resources, as newly generated photos are automatically tagged according to SKU and entered into the email testing process.

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