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Contentstack named a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe™

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Strategy and Performance

Contentstack, the leading provider of Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions, today announced it has been positioned by Aragon Research, Inc. as a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe™ for Content Experience Platforms (CXP), 2023. The report examines 17 providers and analyzes their approach and effectiveness to provide dynamic, personalized, and intelligent buyer journeys.

This year includes Generative AI as a new key component of a CXP, citing Contentstack as a first-mover in integrating ChatGPT with Contentstack Digital Assistant.

“Experiences will become more two-way over the next three years in this fast-changing market,” said Jim Lundy, Aragon Research Lead Analyst and author of the report. “Investments in AI, rich media, dynamic delivery, and personalization are key things to understand. With its series C funding round, focus on both product and growth, and Generative AI offering, Contentstack made a statement to the market.”

Contentstack strengths including its content publishing neutrality, low-code approach, and more. Our product innovations include:

  • Contentstack Launch, offering the ability to create and launch a Contentstack-hosted site in just a few clicks.
  • Contentstack Academy, training its growing customer base with on-demand courses and learning modules, ranging from Contentstack platform fundamentals to advanced development techniques.

“Enterprises need a full set of continually-evolving tools in order to deliver what customers expect from them and stay ahead of the game,” said Nishant Patel, co-founder and CTO of Contentstack. “Contentstack’s robust product and our product map is full of advancements that will equip them to pursue innovation and excellence, and our support ecosystem ensures they are never alone in their journeys.”

Aragon Research predicts that by 2024, 65% of large enterprises will migrate to CXPs. The full report can be downloaded here.

i Aragon Research “The Aragon Research Globe™ for Content Experience Platforms (CXP)” by Jim LundyJune 2023.

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