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AtData releases List Guard®

AtData has released List Guard® into its suite of email database hygiene solutions giving its customers a secondary layer of defense on their previously validated, SafeToSend®, email address list.

AtData, the leading provider of email address intelligence to help companies optimize their first-party data, today announced the release of List Guard®, an email list monitoring solution, into its suite of hygiene solutions. Maintaining a clean and deliverable email list starts with SafeToSend®, AtData’s email verification and hygiene service, and List Guard provides organizations a safety net by regularly monitoring their lists for spamtraps, honeypots and other dangerous domains to ensure they remain healthy and safe. List Guard protects against a number of toxic emails that can negatively impact your email marketing program and omnichannel targeting efforts.

“List Guard allows our customers to take the next step in protecting both the integrity of their first-party data and the success of their email marketing program,” said AtData’s CEO, Tom Burke. “We typically see 6% of emails addresses that were originally marked as valid become problematic within the next year, which makes it critical to regularly monitor your email database.”

Once an organization verifies its email list, List Guard provides an “always-on” monitoring solution that identifies email addresses that have become problematic over time and can threaten the success of an organization’s digital marketing campaigns. It leverages industry-leading email hygiene technology based on approximately 2 billion monthly email activity signals across its proprietary network. In addition, List Guard taps into AtData’s AI-based machine learning models that analyze signal patterns that quickly and automatically detect malicious domain and email behavior.

“The addition of List Guard to our suite of email database hygiene solutions adds an extra layer of protection for our customers,” continued Burke. “With the number of digital transactions that happen daily within any organization as well the rate at which we see data decay, implementing an email database monitoring solution like List Guard provides an insurance policy when it comes to deploying successful outreach efforts.”

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