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Coveo & Voicify Announce Partnership and Integration

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Voicify, the leading voice and conversation experience platform, today announced an integration and connector with Coveo, the leading AI solutions company. The power of the two platforms combined, allows for expansive and engaging conversations through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and nearly all leading chatbots.

Brands who leverage the platforms together are able to handle unplanned and unchoreographed conversations with the end user, while gaining a deep level of data about how the end user wants to engage with their brands, products and content.

“The connectivity of these two enterprise solutions is incredibly valuable to brands as they sophisticate and mature their conversational capabilities,” stated Jeff McMahon, CEO of Voicify. He continued, “Coveo amplifies Voicify capabilities and conversational channels by bringing a deep index and knowledge of brands existing content across channels, creating efficiencies and cost savings throughout teams. Voicify strengthens the Coveo offering by extending existing content into channels offering increased engagement and use.”

“We are excited about this integration and how it can extend Coveo AI into conversational channels. People expect every digital experience to be effortless, relevant, continuous, and tailored to their precise context and intent. Only companies capable of delivering these experiences will win in the AI-take-all economy,” Coveo CEO and Chairman Louis Tetu said.

The integration between Voicify & Coveo is a key example of how digital platforms work together to bring heightened value and opportunity within a brands marketing technology stack and customer experiences. Brands are quickly integrating conversational experience into their customer journeys; with Voicify and Coveo brands are accelerating and elevating beyond their competition.

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