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Cresta Expands Vision for Real-Time Intelligence

Introduction of Insights and Chatbot products and updates to Director and Agent Assist enable a new era of contact center productivity
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Cresta, the leader in real-time intelligence for the contact center, today unveiled its expanded Real-Time Intelligence Platform, a comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered products that seamlessly work together to improve contact center efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance customer experiences across every customer conversation.

“Contact centers are the front door for customer interaction, and business leaders are increasingly turning to AI to understand those customer conversations to drive business strategy and action,” said Zayd Enam, CEO and co-founder of Cresta. “However, we’ve noticed that platform fragmentation has become the top pain point preventing them from truly realizing this vision.  Our Real-Time Intelligence platform helps businesses conquer this challenge by delivering a holistic and deeply integrated platform that rapidly layers into any existing contact center. This modular and integrated approach closes the gap between insight and action, empowering teams to achieve superhuman visibility, insight, and action on every conversation.”

Drive Insight to Action with Real-Time Intelligence

Cresta’s comprehensive solution helps business leaders, agents and managers work smarter and faster without having to navigate between disconnected tools and applications. Along with major enhancements to Cresta’s existing Agent Assist and Director products, this release marks the introduction of two new products – Cresta Insights, a powerful tool for helping leaders understand customer conversations in real-time and Cresta Chatbot, which helps contact centers identify and automate high value chatbot use cases. Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence Platform now helps businesses:

  • Uncover and Act on Business Insights with Cresta Insights: New Cresta Insights helps businesses leaders understand conversational data and drive business strategy and action. Insights uses real-time conversation analysis to offer a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, emerging customer trends, competitive landscape, product gaps and more.
  • Increase Agent Effectiveness & Efficiency with Cresta Agent Assist: Cresta already features one of the most robust Agent Assist offerings in the market, and the latest enhancements take agent productivity and efficiency to new heights. Updates include Auto Summarization and Auto Note Taking which remove tedious post-call tasks and improve disposition accuracy by automating 100% of call notes and summaries in real-time. Also included are major improvements to Knowledge Assist and Guided Workflows, which use the context of the conversation to recommend the best articles and workflows to help agents solve customer questions.
  • Drive Robust Coaching & QA with Cresta Director: Cresta Director is an AI-powered console that provides full visibility into customer interactions and helps managers deliver robust coaching and quality assurance. With the Summer Release, Cresta offers scorecards and personalized coaching plans in a single workflow. Managers can quickly evaluate conversations and develop personalized coaching plans with notes, snippets, and coaching metrics that can be shared with agents. Additionally, Cresta’s new Live Assist lets managers and agents communicate freely through a simple embedded messaging experience that integrates directly into Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • Put Insights into Action with Cresta Opera: Cresta Opera is a new capability within Cresta Director. Opera opens the AI black box and gives business users a simple no-code interface to build and deploy AI-based coaching across their contact center in a matter of minutes.
  • Drive Efficiency Through Automation with Cresta Chatbot: New Cresta Chatbot empowers businesses to drive intelligent automation and create self-service chatbots that resolve customer needs without having to talk to an agent. Using Cresta Insights, brands can identify the highest value automation opportunities and develop field-tested chatbots that are backed by agent activity data from top performers.

“At Cresta, our goal is to make it easy for every contact center to adopt state-of-the-art conversational AI technology,” said Ping Wu, VP of Product and Engineering at Cresta, who formerly co-founded Google’s Contact Center AI Solution. “This means using our Real-Time Intelligence to help agents, managers, and executives before, during, and after a conversation. Our Summer Release enables this with one of the most comprehensive and integrated contact center AI offerings in the market. This is just the beginning of our journey to empower every conversation with conversational intelligence.”

“At CarMax, we know that every customer interaction represents the brand,” said Bryan Ennis, Vice President of Customer Experience Centers and Customer Relations at CarMax. “Cresta’s AI platform meets customers at an important inflection point in their customer journey – often during a customer service or sales call – and ensures that the outcome is positive. We’ve used Cresta to improve chat conversion rates and seen significant ROI. Cresta’s enhanced solution makes it easy to apply state-of-the-art AI across our contact center and continue to raise the bar of our customer interactions.”

Cresta’s customers have seen sales increase by 10%, ramp time reduced by 2x, CSAT improve by 15%, and agents have saved up to five hours in repetitive tasks per week. CarMax, Blue Nile, Earthlink, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Porsche, and Intuit are among the leading companies using Cresta to improve the productivity of their contact center operations.

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