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Curinos launches New Amplero Capability

Financial institution marketers can accelerate creative development through rapid generation and iteration of tailored content that remains fresh and engaging throughout customer lifecycles.

Curinos, a global data-intelligence business that brings together exclusive expertise, insights and analytics for the financial services industry, has developed a new advanced AI- powered creative management workflow capability for its Amplero Personalization Optimizer solution. This new functionality puts generative AI capabilities in the loop with reinforcement learning-driven marketing optimization, setting it apart from other products in the marketing technology landscape.

The new creative management workflow allows marketers to use generative AI to rapidly create fresh, engaging content tailored to each client’s individual needs and relevant throughout the customer lifecycle. This is informed by the learnings on the effectiveness of different creative elements generated by ongoing marketing campaigns. By significantly reducing the time and effort required for creative development, marketers can iterate more quickly and efficiently to increase personalization in their message targeting in a way that integrates with their business processes for marketer editing, compliance review and publishing.

“We believe this is a game changer for marketers at financial institutions. Amplero’s new solution ensures that marketing content remains continuously impactful and effective, by combining industry leading AI, with novel reinforcement learning algorithms and adaptive feedback mechanisms,” said Olly Downs, Chief Data Scientist at Curinos. “This differs from traditional approaches, which separate creative development from marketing optimization and struggle to maintain relevant and refreshed personalized messaging.”

The iterative approach allows marketers to dynamically refine their content strategy in real time based on evolving customer preferences, enabling a level of personalization, customization and refinement that distinguishes it from other AI-enabled solutions.

“At Curinos, our continued investment in solutions based on AI allows us to help financial industry marketers dramatically improve the personalization of their communications and give them an edge in an increasingly competitive landscape.” said Craig Woodward, Curinos Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to provide financial institutions with the depth and breadth of data and solutions that add value throughout the customer lifecycle.”

The new capability will be seamlessly integrated into Curinos’ Amplero Personalization Optimizer marketing solution, ensuring a smooth transition for clients. For more information about Amplero and its latest innovation.

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