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RingCentral launches RingSense AI APIs and Workflow Builder


RingCentral, Inc., a leading provider of AI-driven cloud business communications, contact center, video and hybrid event solutions, announced new platform capabilities that re-envision how customers build workflows within their enterprises. These capabilities allow non-technical users and developers to embed AI, video, and social messaging into workflows, automate alerts and notifications, and develop intuitive customer experiences without writing a single line of code.

With the new APIs for RingSense™ AI, RingCentral customers can generate audio and video transcriptions, summarizations, and speaker diarization across RingCentral and third-party generated recordings. Developers can build applications that deliver advanced insights into audio and video interactions, providing a rich source of data to personalize and enhance customer engagement. For example, keyword analysis enables businesses to quickly understand the topics and recurring themes of their calls.

New Video API and SDK allow developers to integrate live video meetings and interactions into their applications through a white-labeled experience with built-in customizability, closed captioning, and chat, with security in mind. With Social Messaging APIs, developers can integrate with a range of popular platforms, broadening the reach and adaptability of applications. Brands can connect with customers across nine different social media platforms, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, X (formerly Twitter), X Messages, Instagram, Instagram Messaging, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Viber.

“RingCentral is taking its platform capabilities to the next level. Regardless if you’re a developer or an end-user, you can take advantage of our world-class platform with hundreds of APIs and automated workflows to drive critical business communications forward,” said Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer, RingCentral. “Our developer community can leverage new APIs and SDKs for embedding RingSense AI, video, or social messaging into workflows. These enhancements reflect our next step in delivering no-code and low-code platform experiences and giving customers more intelligent and personalized capabilities.”

These new APIs are currently available in beta to RingCentral Video Pro+™ and RingEX™ customers, free of charge.

New Workflow Builder for Custom and Automated Workflows

As part of today’s announcement, the new RingCentral Workflow Builder enables users to create custom and automated business workflows to increase workplace efficiency while improving customer experiences. RingCentral customers can create workflows from pre-built templates or build their own custom solutions, to simplify repetitive daily tasks. Pre-built templates include:

  • Out-of-office replies – Automatically reply to team messages while you are out of office.
  • SMS keyword auto-reply – Create pre-built responses to commonly asked questions.
  • Voicemail received notification  Automatically notify team members of a missed voicemail via SMS.
  • After-hours SMS auto-reply – Send a response to SMS messages received outside of regular working hours.

Customers build their own customized workflows using an intuitive and robust visual editor. The new platform capability handles more complex triggers – for example, creating automated, personalized responses to an exact phone number match of an incoming SMS message, or transcribing a voicemail to trigger actions based on its content.

By enabling customized replies to incoming chat or SMS messages, calls received or ended, or voice messages received, RingCentral customers benefit from a more intelligent and personalized experience.

“Because RingCentral lets us answer such a large percentage of our daily text inquiries through automation, I’d say our team is spending about 80% less time on those manual responses,” said Dan Alexander, Owner and Instructor, The Saving Lives Society. “That’s time our company can now use much more productively – including adding more lifesaving courses to our calendar.”

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