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Customer Acquisition Leader Uses Innovation for Touchless Selling

Cydcor Addresses the Conundrum of Safe Selling during Pandemic
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Cydcor, the longtime leader in customer acquisition solutions, has always been a forward-thinking innovator in the outsourced sales space. But due to COVID-19, the company found itself in uncharted territory. Using a mix of innovation, technology and a team of creative and tech-smart team members, Cydcor has proven how commitment to its clients led to reimagining how sales teams interact with consumers and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing, masks, and wiping down shared tablet screens was not going to be enough for in-person interactions and communication. Cydcor began to re-think how to safely and effectively bring products and services to people when, where, and how they need them most.

“We saw a huge opportunity,” said Cydcor President Vera Quinn. “We needed not just to reinvent the wheel, but do it quickly, all while dealing with rapidly changing pandemic protocols. I am proud of the results, and so are our clients who are impressed with the new workflow.”

Cydcor was tasked with moving from in-person interaction and communication to create a solution that was fast to market to address three opportunities. First, the ability to begin remote selling where sales representatives could interact with customers collecting sensitive information in a PCI-compliant fashion via secure, encrypted text, and email links for order entry.

Second, the ability to quickly get a solution to market in a retail space or on customers’ front porches, where instead of handing a tablet to the customer for input, reps just ask how the customer would prefer to enter certain information. Customers choose to input information via text or email on their own phone or computer, which is transferred in an API-compliant format to Cydcor’s Salesforce platform, and ultimately to Cydcor’s clients.

“One of our biggest challenges was how to have the customer enter information such as credit check data and credit card info without touching a tablet passed to them by a sales rep,” Quinn said. “The individualized text and email options our IT team developed and launched were a true game-changer.”

Third, printed sales and marketing collateral usually physically passed between a sales representative and customer was also turned into a digital option. Leveraging QR Codes, videos, large type collateral and web-based self-help guides, Cydcor has seen adoption of these new smart phone and web tools in the field lead to increased customer confidence and ultimately sales. What could have been a road block, became a streamlined, secure, and safe experience.

“The bottom line is sales reps are completing significantly more applications,” Quinn said. “While remaining a safe distance, customers appreciate the safety and security of the tools and processes. While sales reps also enjoy the safety and simplicity of the new sales process during this unprecedented pandemic crisis.” Quinn added, “Innovative people using the best technology solutions, quickly and safely changed the way we do business. This ensures we can continue providing the most effective sales solutions to our clients, both big and small.”

Cydcor’s clients have welcomed and embraced the new solutions and some clients are also beginning to use Cydcor’s code and process to implement similar solutions in their own buyflows.

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