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Customer Engagement Platform Braze Adds New Features

Features Include Global Control Groups, Android In-line Image Push, and SMS Custom Keyword Processing
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Braze, the comprehensive customer engagement platform, today announced new features that empower brands to create more opportunities to deliver personalized and memorable customer experiences in unpredictable times. By leveraging tools that help them understand customer behavior in real-time, brands can forge stronger direct relationships with customers, build loyalty, and accelerate revenue. Among these features include a Global Control Groups update, the first-ever In-line Image Push available on Android, and SMS Custom Keyword Processing.

“Amidst uncertainty, consumer expectations have remained constant: brands must serve relevant and memorable experiences, or else consumers will seek those experiences elsewhere,” said Kevin Wang, Senior Vice President of Product at Braze. “Our new enhancements were built specifically around retention and loyalty, and will enable brands to create more personalized cross-channel experiences that keep customers engaged today and tomorrow.”

Uncover Additional Campaign Insights Across Channels 
Braze reveals updates to help marketers scale campaigns across channels, measure the impact of their efforts and use valuable insights for future campaigns. Using the Global Control Groups feature, marketers now have a streamlined way to measure the impact of their customer engagement strategies. With this update, marketers can easily define and exclude a percentage of their customer base from receiving certain campaigns or lifecycle messaging. Additionally, marketers can access a new visual report to analyze the impact of messaging variants on customer behavior and other ROI metrics in comparison to a global control group.

“The Global Control Groups feature has advanced our understanding of the impact of our customer engagement strategies,” said Matheus Meira, Head of Performance Marketing at Dafiti, the largest fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform in Latin America. “Our team has been able to test more often instead of worrying about complex and manual setups and data mining processes, which has led to more personalized and engaging cross-channel campaigns. We’re looking forward to using the Braze platform and these new features to build stronger direct relationships with our customers and achieve stronger campaign results.”

Deliver Sophisticated, Interactive Messaging Experiences
New features empower brands to send valuable, personalized messages at scale. Marketers can now send messages more swiftly and simply using the new Android In-line Image Push feature. This new push notification style for Android devices showcases a larger image in the push notification. With this design, customers won’t have to manually expand a push notification just to see an image, helping them get the text and visual information they need with a glance at their home screen.

New updates to In-App Messages allow marketers to create highly personalized cross-channel messaging. Marketers can send in-app messages for mobile and web with more confidence using an enhanced live interactive preview and builder experience. Additionally, Braze now supports a more efficient delivery of cross-channel HTML in-app messages, as well as features that give marketers more precision when creating in-app messages like custom button tracking, an enhanced code editor, and an easy-to-use asset uploader.

Create Personalized SMS Campaigns to Increase Retention
Braze has expanded its SMS capabilities with SMS Custom Keyword Processing. With this new feature, marketers have a native solution to provide auto-responses and two-way messaging with custom keyword sets to trigger an SMS auto-response to customers. Braze SMS offers more advanced segmentation and personalization and can process any and all keywords. This allows marketers to tailor campaigns further with custom keywords for holidays, loyalty programs, promotion redemption, and more.

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