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DAC launches Proove Intelligence

Leading digital marketing agency DAC introduces Proove Intelligence
DAC launches Proove Intelligence

One of North America’s largest independent digital marketing agency DAC, announced the launch of Proove Intelligence, a specialized analytics practice that activates under-utilized client data to drive measurable business growth.

Arising from its roots as an authentic web analytics group nearly a decade back, DAC’s Marketing Science team has developed to include best-in-class data analytics, reporting, and BI expertise, serving some of the most progressive and data-driven brands in Europe and North America. In 2019, the department is evolving into an independent practice that combine’s scientific methodologies with creative problem-solving to tackle distinctive business challenges.

Norm Hagarty, CEO and Managing Partner of DAC said that Data surplus isn’t just for large conglomerates anymore. We are seeing many companies sit on valuable data without the time or in-house talent to appropriately activate it. We’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals to directly address this marketplace gap, extracting value from data that helps companies tackle their immediate growth and retention challenges.

Proove Intelligence capitalizes on this data surplus utilizing a combination of human, machine, and business intelligence to drive tangible gains. Services range from data assessment and strategic planning to advanced analytics, data resource management, and data activation.

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