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The Next Big Thing in MarTech

The Next Big Thing in MarTech

What is Martech?
The term martech is derived by fusion of two words, marketing and technology. It is the new face of marketing, which is redefining marketing strategies. This term applies to major efforts and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals. Back in the 60s, marketing was different but the introduction of technology has drastically changed marketing functions making it more efficient and effective. An important objective of martech is to help marketers find and nurture customers, personalize customer interaction and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Increasing efficiency of martech is forcing marketing critics to review their marketing predictions.

Why is Martech always looked upon?
Technology is remaking marketing in million new ways so, it is essential that marketers stay updated with the technological developments happening. Martech Stacks are continuously updating to solve the latest hurdles of marketers, and also easing some complicated procedures. Successful integration of various technologies to ease or solve multiple issues of marketers has become the need of the hour. Introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, etc. has developed martech as a leader in tech space. Present-day marketers have witnessed the evolution of marketing in an unpredictable way, transforming all the methods of marketing strategies and functions. This unbelievable transformation whispers that a lot is yet to come.

Let us directly dive into what the next biggies in Martech and what do they have to offer to the marketing space:

There are many updates being rolled out on daily basis, and many tech integrations are being performed, we have made a note of all of them but our study leads us to these 3 things that will be the game-changers in the marketing technology sector.

Rise in voice search
Voice search has already started to make its place in today’s digital world. Voice search is easy to access as well as intelligent, which makes it more user-friendly. Increased use of smartphones boosted the use of voice search, moreover, voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Assistant have made eased the life of users. Introduction of various AI-based voice platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have further optimized the use of voice search making digital marketers rethink their SEO strategies. Increase in voice search is enhancing the SEO plans and is further helping to make their plans future proof, digital marketers are also enhancing voice search SEOs.

AI Chatbots for customer service
AI has started taking over various complex tasks of the marketing process. AI-based chatbots are intelligent and quick in providing assistance to customers. These bots answer to the queries of customers on the basis of the data they are trained with. They also empower marketers with important insights during live customer interactions. This information collected by these AI chatbots are also stored for future use, and help marketers in various phases of a customer journey.

AI and ML based data analysis
Data had already taken an important position in making marketing strategies, but its integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning has provided marketers with fruitful results. AI and ML help in collecting required data from the customer and showcase proper insights that assist in better customer acquisition, engagement, and experience.

How will these technologies affect martech?
Every development in marketing technology shapes marketing in a more powerful manner, in the same way, these game-changing technologies will also affect martech.

  • The rise in voice search will lead to the change in SEO strategies of digital marketers. They will have to make strategies for voice search keywords along with typed keywords. SEO has a key role in obtaining organic ranking on search engine result page (SERP).
  • Inclusion of AI-powered chatbots will help marketers in delivering a better customer experience with reduced human errors. It will also enable marketers to obtain proper information about the queries of the customers.
  • Improved data analysis with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive hyper-personalization in marketing strategies. It will also provide detailed insights to the marketers for better targeting of the audience and improve customer experience(CX) alongwith delivering a seamless omnichannel experience.

Hence we have clearly seen that Increased integration of technology is helping marketers deliver better results and enabling organizations in obtaining better ROI.

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