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DealerAI Announces Data Integration With Cox Automotive


DealerAI, the premier provider of AI-driven chatbot solutions for car dealerships, today announces a collaboration with Cox Automotive’s Xtime, the leading provider of service management solutions in the automotive industry. DealerAI’s Xtime API Partner Program Certification will benefit mutual dealer customers of both DealerAI and Xtime.

This data integration will empower DealerAI with access to Xtime’s market-leading service management platform via API. The integration offers mutual dealer customers more accurate appointment scheduling, instant service support 24/7 and improved customer experience.

One of the significant benefits of this integration is that it effectively streamlines dealership service department operations. For example, dealers can eliminate the need for manual data entry of service appointment bookings, reducing potential errors and gaining new understandings of user behaviours. This upgrade will save valuable time and resources for dealerships, allowing the service team to prioritize delivering exceptional customer assistance and ultimately improve their bottom line.

“We are thrilled to partner with Xtime and offer our clients this established integration,” said Bryan Xu, Co-founder of DealerAI. “By integrating our automation technology with Xtime, end customers of the dealers can book a service appointment with available timeslots over the chat within a minute. As a result, dealers will improve their efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.”

For more information about DealerAI, visit DealerAI.com.

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