DealSync Takes Aim at Massive $6.7 Trillion B2B eCommerce Market


Atlanta tech entrepreneur Brandon Bast and a team of former C-Level and Senior Executives from companies such as Merrill Lynch, Merck, AB-Inbev, McKinsey & Company, and WebMD are taking on the massive $6.7 trillion B2B ecommerce market by introducing DealSync- a simplified B2B eCommerce platform that bridges the gap between sales and purchasing technology.

The DealSync team came together after observing first hand that sales technology was greatly outpacing purchasing technology and creating a major imbalance in communication between buyers and sellers. Their view is that the disruption caused by sales and marketing automation over the past decade has created enormous opportunities in purchasing automation.

The platform they have created streamlines and automates tasks associated with purchasing and allows an organization to provide structure and oversight to all their vendor interactions. Every interaction generates data that is stored in the company’s internal purchasing database and updated automatically with each interaction.

The team feels that their product combined with their business model can help them create the world’s most powerful B2B eCommerce database in a very short period of time. From there, the team believes they can take this data and revolutionize the way buyers and sellers connect and interact through a completely data driven approach.

DealSync plans on raising their first round of outside funding in early 2019. They will also be offering new partnership and referral programs to kick off the new year. For those interested in learning more or getting in touch with the team, please visit

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