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Demandbase announces sales intelligence platform

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Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the market’s first unified sales intelligence and account engagement platform that’s directly integrated into CRM where sellers spend most of their time. Built to deliver true Account Intelligence in a single view, this new integrated capability brings together first-party and behavioral data from Demandbase ABX Cloud and third-party data (firmographics, technographics, contact data, and news & social insights) from Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud. Doing so gives B2B sellers access to all the information they need to spot and close larger deals faster. This first of its kind application guides sales teams to know where and when to engage with the right accounts and decision-makers, leading to higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, and bigger deals — boosting CRM adoption in the process.

“Having all the account intelligence we need for sales in a single view is a game changer,” said Vikram Nair, Director and Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Equilar. “Our sellers love the behavioral and journey stage insights they have today in ABX Cloud. And they rely on the third-party data from Sales Intelligence Cloud to round out their understanding of their prospects so they can tailor their messages and find warm connections. But the holy grail of sales is to give sellers more selling time and Demandbase has accomplished that with this new unified experience.

By providing engagement data, company data, people data, and more, directly within CRM, the new release allows users to rely on one source of insight into their accounts, saving them time while supercharging sales motions. It further enables a view into historical timelines of all activities, product and competitor intent, persona-based engagement heatmaps, and more. It gives users deeper visibility into every account’s potential and where they are in the buyer journey, driving sales folks to engage prospect accounts with greater relevance, while boosting productivity and revenue. With this unified UI, customers can consolidate their tech stack, replacing ABM, sales intelligence, advertising, and other vendors with Demandbase One, the Smarter Go-To-Market™ solution.

“The beauty of this unified sales UI is that all the data a salesperson needs is readily accessible, right in the CRM where they’re already working. It’s revolutionary for sales teams,” says Allison Metcalfe, chief revenue officer at Demandbase. “No more toggling between systems or wasting time in generic outreach that doesn’t drive sales. Instead, they’ll have deeper insights and greater visibility into prospective deals, gaining knowledge about what buyers are doing around the web, what they engage with, who to contact (and how), and what the most relevant messaging is. The actionability, productivity, and efficacy of such functionality is practically limitless.”

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