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digital asset management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is crucial in today’s digital era. So crucial that it is now officially part of the martech conversation. As more and more organizations are developing, scaling and becoming more digitized, their digital assets such as videos, images, audios, documents, and creative files are also multiplying. And there is no better way to manage these digital assets than utilizing digital asset management solutions martech news.

What is Digital Asset Management Software?

Digital asset management solutions permit you to upload, store, manage, organize, share, and track all your digital assets in a single place, from a single source. It typically allows you to access it anytime, anywhere, and on any gadget. Backup and syncing are done regularly to make sure all your files are safe and protected. Also, admin users are able to accept or deny access to particular files by specific roles with access control. Digital asset management software is also used to register digital assets of the past and automate and streamline present content and creative workflows.

Types of Digital Asset Management systems

It is important to point out that there are different types of digital asset management systems, including brand asset management systems, library asset management systems, production asset management systems, and digital supply chain services.  Let have a detailed look at the types of digital asset management systems,

  •         Brand Asset Management System

This system is on the materials of marketing and sales, such as logos, product images, and marketing collaterals.

  •         Production Asset Management System

These systems are focused on the storage, organizations and revision control of media that is constantly changing.

  •         Library Asset Management System

The product asset management system focuses majorly on the storage and retrieval of large sums of infrequently changing assets of media.

  •         Digital Supply Chain Services

Digital supply chain service is focused on distributing content to digital retailers.  

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Solution

Digital asset management solutions provide easy, complete control and management over the full lifecycle of your digital assets from creation to archive. These types of software also make sure your digital assets are protected, secure, and never get lost. Beyond easy access, security and control, they help you to maintain brand consistency as everyone in your organization will have access to all the same digital assets in one place.

Top Digital Asset Management Solutions

There are many companies that offer digital asset management solutions, but here we have listed the top 3 software after segregating numerous reviews and listings from different websites including the reviews by Gartner. Let’s take a closer look at these DAM software.

  •         Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe experience manager is a digital media asset management vendor with digital asset management tools created to fit into existing processes and workflows of a team while acting as a centralized repository for digital assets of an enterprise. Among enterprise digital asset management, the most unique feature that Adobe has to offer is native integration with creative cloud tools that they can really provide.

This brings the added value that design teams can stay intricate in the tools they utilize each day and don’t always have to break the workflow/process to discover the asset they need. Other features involve search and metadata management, dynamic media support and the capability to provide personalized media experiences to a global audience of customers.

  •         Widen Collective

Since 1948, Widen has been providing marketing services. The digital asset management platform comes with automatic file conversion and enterprise governance control. The ‘Collective’ feature enables users to curate groups of assets for different teams and provides self-serve access to finalized content.

Widen Collective is an enterprise-level digital asset management software that goes beyond what a regular centralized, shared digital asset library does. It lets users easily distribute their content over the web, provides powerful content analytics, and even permits users to automate your marketing workflows. Also, the software seamlessly integrates with numerous types of platforms including marketing automation, social media and content management. Its cloud architecture is also secure and scalable as Widen Collective is developed on AWS.

  •         Bynder

Bynder is a famous digital asset management platform that is utilized by Spotify, Canon, Puma, and other major global brands. It helps users to automate creative workflows with annotations, versioning, and customizable approval paths. It also offers easy-to-use brand templates for users to build new marketing content right on the platform. Integration-wise, it supports plenty of third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Magento, etc. IOS and Android apps are surely a bonus.


In the modern age, managing digital assets is a significant part of managing projects. Now it is time to transform the way in which your company manages its invaluable digital assets. You will have a painless and complete control and access to the full lifecycle of all your digital assets in one place. Additionally, all your digital assets will be secure and well-protected. Remember to make the most out of it by maximizing the consistency of your brand.

Selecting digital asset management that is designed for the unique requirements of your distributed organization will help you achieve easier implementation and system management.



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