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Digitalkites Joins lifesight to bring location intelligence

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Digitalkites, an identity resolution company with products AudiencePlay & AudiencePrime, joins hands with Lifesight, a trusted real-world intelligence company, to power its platforms play and prime to bring location intelligence and offline store attribution capabilities.

A new-age open ecosystem, Digitalkites is known for enabling brands, publishers, and end-users to drive towards ideal audience-centric marketing. And with its two distinct products, AudiencePrime & AudiencePlay, it is a one-stop destination for various multichannel retargeting, CRM onboarding, monetization possibilities, seamless integration, identity resolution and one in all marketplace for multiple opportunities.

With this partnership, Digitalkites will be able to access offline store attribution, location intelligence, marketplace segment monetization, and private enrichment reports from Lifesight.

Lifesight brings in accessible real-world insights for better optimizing ad spend and better business opportunities. They are experts in providing Location Analytics and Consumer Insights. Hence, brands looking for expanding their store footfall could eventually track their offline attribution and measure their store footfall alterations after targeting it with a location-based segment.

Rohit Maheswaran, Co-founder of Lifesight, shared that, “We always look forward to contributing in helping our collaborators with more enriched segments. As we know that every day the customer journey is becoming more complex, which makes it difficult for marketers to make any strategic decisions. So, we are happy to help Digitalkites to enable their platforms with our intelligence for all of their clients.”

CEO at Digitalkites Dinesh Ganti commented that “Lifesight’s offline attribution and location intelligence will help our clients with relevant and rich information in measuring their online ads & help them take informed business results. This partnership will help brands to get a comprehensive view that will be further backed by our identity graph to throw rich and deep insights.”

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