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Bonzai’s game-changing Social Display product allows social posts to be deployed across display in minutes

Social Display helps time-poor marketers and advertisers repurpose social content in as little as a single click
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As marketers experience pressure to reach more consumers with less time, resources and budget, leading global programmatic creative management platform, Bonzai, has launched ‘Social Display’, an easy to use product to fast-track social posts into display creatives quickly and at scale.

While brands continue to use a social-first strategy and create engaging content, they are also faced with the challenge of content production being limited to only one channel. Though social media penetration is high across the globe, there is still a large audience outside these ‘walled-gardens’. In order to tap into this audience, marketers have to invest time, resources, and creative production costs for the display channel.

Bonzai Social Display addresses this frustration of having to build the same creative again and again for different channels, and aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between social and digital display. As users prefer to engage with brand content, the Bonzai platform enables brands to repurpose their quality social posts into high-performance display campaigns. The platform retains the look of the social post, which leads to non-intrusive user experiences on web and in-app environments.


Bonzai is the first and only Creative Management Platform to offer Social Display along with rich media, high impact formats, Apple News formats, and standard banners for the display channel. Publishers can also leverage the performance of ScrollX – its flagship High Impact Format – with the ease of Social Display with the Integrated Social Display offering.

With a few simple clicks, Social Display repurposes social posts for distribution across display, saving marketers considerable money and time, while opening opportunities for campaigns to significantly scale.

Simply paste the URL of the social post in the Bonzai platform and let it do all the work, customise the CTA, add a click-through link, and the social display creative is ready to go live.

Providing just enough creative control, the platform drastically reduces production time taking the load off from design teams. You can then generate a tag for the creative and flight the campaign on existing display inventory or programmatically via a DSP partner.

Brands will benefit from Bonzai Social Display with:

  • Reduced production time and cost, as the need for asset creation is eliminated
  • Faster campaign go to market with fewer/no approval cycles
  • Beautiful creatives that beat banner blindness
  • Highly engaging creatives with a non-intrusive user experience
  • Increased reach, as the display campaign is an extension of brand social content
  • An increase in time spent compared to standard banner on mobile
  • Quick and easy approach to build mocks

Bonzai’s Founder and CEO, Rahul Pandey says Social Display is a game-changer, as those brands who once couldn’t afford to have in-house creative resources, can now ‘own, run and scale’ their own social campaign efforts within minutes, reaching more consumers, faster.

“The pandemic has presented its challenges for marketers and advertisers, but it’s also presented new opportunities to approach campaigns in smarter, leaner and more agile ways. At Bonzai we’ve seen the struggle marketers have had in scaling social campaign efforts, and Social Display is our answer to solving a long-standing pain point in the industry.”

“We’re excited to see how this unique capability from Bonzai will level the playing field for all brands at a time when consumer social appetite is high, but internal resources are limited.”

To find out how Bonzai Social Display can revolutionise your creative, reach out to our team at https://www.bonzai.co/contact/

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