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DojoMojo Launches Media Market to Offer Brands an Effective Paid Acquisition

DojoMojo redefines the partnership marketing landscape by enabling over 8,000 brands to buy and sell media directly in it’s leading marketplace.
DojoMojo Launches Media Market to Offer Brands an Effective Paid Acquisition Alternative to Facebook and Google

DojoMojo, the leader in partnership marketing, today debuts a revolutionary new feature – Media Market – that is redefining the experience of buying and selling media for brands. While Facebook and Google have come to dominate the landscape of digital marketing – a landscape where brands’ partnership strategies have historically relied on warm introductions or cold calls – DojoMojo is now enabling brands to work seamlessly with one another directly. With this new feature, advertisers can reach desired target audiences, while publishers can monetize their own audience with far less work and greater success than ever before. Media Market allows the modern marketer to find partners and collaboration opportunities through various types of content, including sponsored emails, blog posts, banner ads, and social media posts. The feature puts the ability to browse, connect and collaborate with thousands of brands right at marketers’ fingertips.

For advertisers, Media Market makes it possible to reach relevant audiences at scale by partnering with top brands on sponsored content. The new feature also allows for payment to be negotiated according to different deal structures, including flat rate and cost-per-click deals, the latter of which ties cost directly to performance.

“DojoMojo is building the next critical piece of the modern digital marketers’ playbook,” said Alex Song, CEO and Co-Founder of DojoMojo. “With the unveiling of Media Market, brands can now look forward to even more ways to grow through cross-brand collaboration using our efficient and cost-effective platform.”

With the new Media Market feature, DojoMojo makes it easy for advertisers to search within the platform’s existing network of over 8,000 brands by enabling filtering of publishers based on metrics like audience size, demographics, industry focus, engagement, and more. Upon finding the right potential partner through the platform, brands can take advantage of DojoMojo’s easy-to-use documentation files – i.e. legal agreement templates and insertion orders – for a seamless, paperless partnership agreement process. DojoMojo’s proprietary collaboration tools and real-time performance analytics also facilitate an easy design flow and transparent campaign analytics every step of the way. Finally, DojoMojo acts as the trust protocol in any partnership transaction by holding advertiser funds in escrow, contingent on the publisher hitting the contractually agreed upon terms.

“Trust is critical to enabling brands to form more meaningful partnerships with one another,” relates Colin Darretta, Co-Founder and Partner, “DojoMojo’s Media Market is where brands of all sizes can engage in partnerships with transparency and security.”

For publishers, Media Market acts as a place to monetize content inventory and audience like never before, and without the low payment rates of programmatic advertising. Through this new feature, publishers can showcase their portfolio to thousands of potential buyers and manage partnerships from start to finish. Furthermore, publishers can initiate deals by actively seeking out and filtering through potential advertisers. DojoMojo’s mutually beneficial practice of holding funds in escrow until the successful completion of a deal on Media Market also helps publishers enter into partnerships confidently, knowing that payment collection will not be an issue when deal terms are met.

As DojoMojo works to transform the world of media sales through the release of Media Market, here are a few of the key highlights that advertisers and publishers can look forward to:

  • Large network of brands: DojoMojo’s existing network of over 8,000 brands allows advertisers and publishers to browse thousands of potential partners and opportunities to connect. The powerful search features and custom recommendation engine help partnership seekers identify the best partners to work with, while features like performance analytics allow for total transparency.
  • Simplified term negotiation: Say goodbye to the endless back and forth that comes with negotiating a partnership over email. Brands can easily post and respond to media opportunities right on the DojoMojo platform, allowing for quick, simple responses and communication every time.
  • Flexible deal structures: Brands can choose to buy and sell on terms that make the most sense for them on a deal-by-deal basis. For each partnership, brands have the option to employ a cost-per-click (CPC) or a flat rate payment structure.
  • Design collaboration: No one likes surprises. Speed up the design process by sharing files and collaborating in real time. With Media Market’s easy-to-use proprietary collaboration features, brands can carry out deals confidently knowing that what you see is what you get.
  • Detailed performance analytics: To help both partners on every campaign gain the most from each partnership, DojoMojo’s detailed analytics provide actionable insights into which campaigns resonate with different audiences and which partners drive the most growth.
  • Trust and transparency: Transparency and trust are the foundation of solid partnerships. From minimum click requirements to security verification and ESP integration, DojoMojo is constantly building ways to keep partnership quality high by offering total partnership transparency every step of the way.
  • Deep integrations: Integration

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DojoMojo was founded under the principle that finding the right brands to partner with is core to growing your business’s awareness, credibility, and customer base. DojoMojo empowers marketers of all sizes to build audiences and high-intent leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional paid channels. Our platform empowers brands to find the ideal brand partners for marketing campaigns, while making it easy to build beautiful landing pages, direct traffic into acquisition funnels, and evaluate performance with comprehensive analytics and data-driven insights. With over 8,000 brands currently in the DojoMojo network, we’re trusted by brands like General Assembly, theSkimm, Condé Nast, and Hearst, and we’ve helped our customers acquire close to 200 million new potential leads to date. DojoMojo continues to enable innovative ways for brands to work together, all while consistently leveraging endless data points to ensure that every brand is working with the right partners to turn their new audience into loyal buyers and readers. Welcome to DojoMojo. The Home of Partnership Marketing. (

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