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Dominion DMS announces integration with TruVideo to VUE DMS


Dominion DMS announces certified SecureVUE integration between TruVideo’s shopper engagement and service experience products and VUE DMS. TruVideo is a conversational commerce platform that uses text and video to help automotive dealerships establish trust and streamline communications that improve the customer experience. By using smart lines to offer service inspections, sales walk-arounds, estimates, approvals, and payments, dealerships can find additional efficiencies for their staff and increase their effective billable labor hours.

The certified SecureVUE integration between VUE DMS and TruService allows customers to see and understand the results of their service inspection. With the TruService platform, service departments can send personalized videos to clients that show their vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. Customers can watch it at their leisure, process the details, and even share it. By eliminating the barriers to transparency, service departments can improve the entire customer experience and see up to a 30% increase in customer pay dollars. A single service visit creates trust that used to take years to earn.

“We are excited that Truvideo’s leading AI and ML technologies are helping dealers realize incredible hard dollar returns and deliver a great customer experience.” – Douglas Chrystall, TruVideo, Chief Technology Officer.

This revolutionary platform and the already powerful yet easy-to-use VUE DMS fixes the communication chain between the dealership and the customer by connecting them through personalized videos, texts, and mobile-friendly features. With all these features and the enhanced reporting on customer engagement and real-time sentiment, TruVideo and VUE DMS offer dealerships a comprehensive solution.

“At Dominion DMS, we partner with businesses that help us raise the bar for our dealership customers. We listen to what dealerships want and need to run a successful business and always do everything we can to exceed those expectations. Our certified SecureVUE integration with an industry-leading technology partner in TruVideo does just that.” – Arlene Clements, VP of Business Development, Dominion DMS.

This announcement is another reason for dealers to reconsider their current DMS relationship and consider what VUE DMS can offer. To learn more about Dominion DMS and its VUE DMS platform, visit

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