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Dropp TV partners with Zwoop to create monster of all shoppable media platform

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NEW YORKJuly 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — New York based Shoppable Media Tech innovator announces a partnership with Hong Kong and London based Zwoop, the most advanced e-commerce fulfillment technology provider available on the market. Together they will create a revolutionary shoppable media platform built on the blockchain and utilizing the latest in a.i. technology as well as deep machine learning.

Dropp’s proprietary technology will allow users to watch video streams and shop or store the products they see in real time.  Zwoop’s smart a.i. finds these products online – confirming their availability and checking for the best available price – and automates the purchase process.

The organic partnership between Dropp and Zwoop is creating a global, shoppable media powerhouse that is challenging media and e-commerce industries. Together they provide consumers with unrestricted and unbiased access to the whole world of e-commerce and media consumption. Specifically, Dropp will provide lead-generation technology for e-commerce through its consumer facing video interface, while Zwoop will provide the back-end fulfillment technology and services.

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Dropp CEO, Andy McCartney, says of the partnership “The combination of such powerful front end and back end technologies will advance the shoppable media space by leaps and bounds and change the way people interact with content.”

Zwoop CEO, Alessandro Gadotti, says “Our ambition is to transform how the world shops online, using AI and blockchain to remove the frustrations and inefficiencies of e-commerce and put the customer in control of the buying process. Our partnership with Dropp enables us to create the ultimate, seamless shoppable media experience.”

Dropp and Zwoop are enthusiastically building the next generation of digital interaction and are incredibly excited to see where this partnership takes them!

About DroppTV: DroppTV is a global, shoppable media company enabling a direct retail opportunity.  Advised by Merchant Bank SDKA North America, the DroppTV management team consists of both disrupters and experienced c-suite professionals who collectively have launched multiple startups; authored one of the foundational coding languages [Java]; patented several technologies; and converted to the blockchain some of the largest companies in the world. CEO Andy McCartney (Microsoft, Microsoft Ventures, White Space) and CTO Harpreet Geekee (Nortel, Cisco, Juniper Networks) intend to flip the digital content industry on its head with this premier, interactive, direct-to-consumer experience that seamlessly fuses the entertainment, e-commerce and fashion industries. Learn more at

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About Zwoop: Zwoop harnesses a.i., advanced machine learning and blockchain to remove the frustrations and inefficiencies of existing e-commerce.  Its revolutionary FIND ENGINE, which is being launched later this year, opens-up the whole world of e-commerce for shoppers, saving them time and money and giving them complete control of their personal data.

The company was created in April 2016 in Hong Kong by its five founding partners, all of whom have a highly successful track record in the technology sector. In October 2016 the company closed a significant investment round with Ivanhoe Capital Corporation, who remains as a key shareholder. Zwoop has three offices – Hong Kong where the platform technology is developed, London where go-to-market and communications activities are managed, and Singaporewhere the enterprise relationships and token entity structure are managed.



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