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Emily Binder to Present at 2019 Alexa Conference

"How to Crawl into Your Customer's Ear" Session Part of Alexa + Consumer Marketing Track
Emily Binder

Emily Binder, a leading voice marketing strategist who helps brands thrive in a voice first world, will be delivering a session entitled, “How to Crawl into Your Customer’s Ear” on Tuesday, January 15th at 11:45 a.m. ET during the 2019 Alexa Conference in Chattanooga.

Smart speakers are changing the landscape for marketing. The current era of “tap, type, and swipe” features Facebook and Google’s duopoly with over 60% of U.S. digital advertising revenue. With 41% of U.S. consumers owning a smart speaker and 67 sold per minute in 2018, voice assisted devices are the fastest growing consumer technology of all time.

Just as cell phones went from simple bricks to powerful pocket screens, smart speakers and the voice assistants that power them will advance and change the way we compute, learn, and buy all over again. For brands, providing value sonically will be the way to win in a world where voice assistants are ubiquitous.

“We are on the cusp of a voice first era in which brands’ relationships with consumers will rely more on AI and on sound,” said Emily Binder, Voice Marketing Strategist with Beetle Moment Marketing. “Soon, voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri will offload research, shopping, and administrative tasks, taking on a great deal of purchasing power. Voice will be the conduit for brands to reach customers and sell products. Optimizing for voice is imperative to stay relevant.”

Session 124 will cover:

  • State of marketing and advertising today
  • Importance of audio branding
  • Why voice technology matters for brands
  • Examples of successful branded skills for Amazon Echo

About Beetle Moment:

Beetle Moment Marketing is a voice first agency helping prepare brands for tomorrow. Beetle Moment partners with companies to deliver results-driven marketing strategies focusing on staying relevant and driving growth with emerging technology, specializing in voice assistants and smart speakers.

Beetle Moment is named after a pivotal moment in psychology; the decision to purchase is a pivotal moment in marketing. Clients range from fintech and finance to executive leadership training, to recruiting and career sites, to consumer packaged goods and retail.

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