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Enlyft Enhances B2B Customer Acquisition With Bombora Integration

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Enlyft, a leader in AI-based account intelligence, and Bombora, the leading provider of B2B Intent data, have announced the integration of Bombora Company Surge® Intent data into the Enlyft platform.

This powerful integration allows B2B sales and marketing teams to identify their target accounts based on technology usage, firmographic data, and Enlyft’s proprietary AI-generated company attributes. Users can view Bombora’s Intent data to prioritize account outreach based on those that are showing the highest levels of interest and most likely to buy.

“We continue to introduce opportunities that add value for our customers and integrating Bombora Intent data into our platform was a natural next step,” said Lokesh Dave, founder and CEO of Enlyft. “By enabling customers to identify the businesses that are a good fit for their solution, as well as understand those that are indicating purchase Intent, allows them to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the right businesses at the right time.”

Through this partnership, Enlyft and Bombora customers can take a more proactive approach to marketing and sales, focusing efforts on accounts that are indicating interest in their solutions.

Customers will also benefit from the ability to:

  • Prioritize prospecting efforts on the accounts that are actively researching relevant topics
  • Engage prospects with relevant and timely communications, resulting in more impactful conversations
  • Create ABM campaign audiences from buying Intent, with the ability to further segment campaigns and customize messaging based on technographics, firmographics, and more

“This partnership with Enlyft puts all the account intel that B2B teams need to capture the attention of their best audiences, right at their fingertips,” said Mike Burton, SVP of Sales at Bombora. “The ability to see not only which accounts are showing intent on relevant business topics, but also account attributes and dynamic technology data, helps to build a story for customized prospecting outreach.”

Select Enlyft plans receive buying Intent indicators for up to 20 accounts each week. Enlyft customers with a paid Bombora subscription will receive the full benefits of the integration for all accounts demonstrating buying Intent.

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