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Enovation Analytics Launches Real Time Trading Desk Platform

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Leading energy storage and distributed energy analytics firm, Enovation Analytics, has launched their Real Time Trading Desk Platform. This new capability enables the development of competitively advantaged dispatch strategies that provides asset managers with an empirically based approach to maximize their returns.

The SaaS platform combines advanced machine learning models for more accurately predicting near term energy prices with portfolio short term dispatch optimization of storage and hybrid renewable resources. The platform integrates operational equipment constraints and financial trading strategies to maximize the portfolio value.

Enovation Analytics has developed best-in-class AI techniques to manage battery, solar, wind and fuel cell assets across all ISOs in North America. The enhanced user interface allows users easy access to position, pricing and performance analysis across multiple asset classes and geographies. Terry Bickham, Head of Product at Enovation Analytics, observes, “The deep experience and industry knowledge, the breadth of that experience, coupled with best-in-class AI techniques has produced some phenomenal results.”

From their work as the analysis engine supporting Lazard’s “Levelized Cost of Storage” series to the new Short Term Trading Desk Platform, Enovation Analytics continues to bring world class trading expertise to the Distributed Energy Resource Revolution.

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