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Idomoo Lets HubSpot Users Create Personalized Videos

Idomoo’s app for HubSpot Marketplace seamlessly integrates with the CRM platform, empowering marketers to create and distribute individualized videos at scale within seconds
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Personalized Video leader Idomoo today announced the launch of its app in the HubSpot App Marketplace. The app allows customers to easily integrate Personalized Videos into their existing HubSpot workflow without the need to learn new tools or leave the platform.

Now brands using the app can access all of their Idomoo media, including media optimized for mobile, straight from HubSpot and send Personalized Videos to customers or prospects directly from the HubSpot interface. This makes for a much more efficient process, saving marketers time and effort while eliminating the chance for human error.

This turn-key Personalized Video technology is easy to use. The Idomoo for HubSpot app syncs with the contact’s latest data to automatically generate Personalized Videos for each contact in seconds. The app supports campaigns of any size, letting marketers seamlessly integrate data-driven videos into their nurture flows or email blasts. Users can then track results for their campaigns with real-time analytics to see who watched the video, completion rate, links clicked and more.

“Idomoo’s app for HubSpot makes creating and sharing Personalized Videos as easy as sending a personalized email,” said Danny Kalish, Idomoo’s CTO and co-founder. “Being able to instantly integrate Personalized Videos with this top-tier platform can transform the marketing and CX capabilities of any organization, and we’re excited to offer this innovation to our customers and HubSpot users.

For more about how Idomoo makes creating Personalized Videos at scale simple, visit www.idomoo.com.

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