etailz’ Rebrands as ‘Kaspien’, a leading ecommerce growth platform

New name and brand reaffirm the company’s commitment to be the ultimate online brand growth platform via its retail, agency and software businesses
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etailz, Inc, a leading online marketplace growth platform, today announced the company will operate under the name ‘Kaspien’ and has rebranded, reflecting its complete vision to empower brands to reach their full potential on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Google.

Kaspien’s parent company, Trans World Entertainment Corporation (Nasdaq: TWMC), is also rebranding as Kaspien Holdings, Inc. This change solidifies Kaspien as the sole focus of Trans World Entertainment, now Kaspien Holdings. The two companies are now united under the same name and shared vision.

Through an unmatched combination of retail, agency and software offerings for ecommerce, Kaspien will be brands’ trusted partner in all online marketplace growth efforts, providing sustainable success via retail insights, proven growth strategies, software for ad management, seller tracking, cost recovery, as well as services for digital marketing, inventory management, tax compliance, brand control and creative services. The company’s 12 years of marketplace success will continue to fuel brands’ online growth.

“The birth of Kaspien represents a new chapter in our story. As Kaspien, we are defragmenting the market, pulling together all the services, tools, data, and integrations brands need to succeed on ecommerce under one roof. From marketing, to inventory and supply chain management, to data and insights, to compliance, and a whole lot more, Kaspien can be your complete back office for managing your business,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Kaspien.

The new name and brand identity more effectively aligns with Kaspien’s robust marketplace competencies, providing expertise beyond its longstanding retail business through innovative, proprietary technology, tailored strategies and mutually beneficial partnerships.

While etailz was founded in 2008 as a retailer, its products and services have evolved dramatically alongside changing online marketplaces. In a time where both established and emerging brands are competing more than ever with the very platforms they’re selling on, Kaspien serves as a one-stop shop to create, execute and sustain a modern online growth strategy.

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